Eco-Friendly Must-Haves for Earth Day

Since the revelation of global warming and its negative impact on the environment and species that inhabit it, efforts have been put in place to lessen humankind’s carbon footprint and bring back an ecological equilibrium. As a result, many brands are shifting focus to deliver customers more sustainable goods that retain an essence of quality and craftsmanship, without losing focus of protecting Mother Earth. We at S/ have gathered a list of conscious products to indulge in this Earth Day and reinforce that going green will always be à la mode.

Products mentioned: Arlo Jacket, Mara Hoffman, net-a-porter.com, $722; Vargas Wide-Leg Pants, Gabriela Hearst, net-a-porter.com, $2,107; Cruz Plissé Cotton and Silk-Blend Shirt, Gabriela Hearst, net-a-porter.com, $1,125; Miles Faux Pearl-Embellished Printed Shirt, Mother of Pearl, net-a-porter.com, $332; Organic Silk Midi Dress, Bite Studios, net-a-porter.com, $890; Coco Linen Amber Set, Maison Tess, $370; Tapestry Pillow, Goodee, $100; The Goodee Hoodie, Goodee, $100; Porto Sandal, Reformation, $308; Classic Robe, Soft Focus, $245; Le Masque, JB Skin Guru, $75; Earth Day T-Shirt, Frank and Oak, $39; Wool Runners, Allbirds, $135;  Reusable rounds, The Detox Market, $25; Sip Straws, Hay Denmark, The Modern Shop, $30; Unpaper Towels, Cheeks Ahoy, Ample + Good, $16.79; Brightening Mask, Sahajan, $64; All-Purpose Cleaner, Veles, $25; Python Boots, Celine, VSP consignment, $1,398; Refillable Glass Hand Soap, The Unscented Company, Ample + Good, $11.79; Linus Mixte 3i, Bikes On Wheels, $900.