By the Fire: Elevate Your Home’s Ambiance With Inviting Home Decor

In the heart of winter, there’s nothing quite like the comfort and warmth of a crackling fire. Enhance your home ambiance with soft lighting, letting the gentle glow of candles fill the air, and incorporate natural elements like wooden furniture to bring the outdoors in. Conquer the cozy season with our curated selection of inviting home decor—designed to exude warmth, delight the senses, and encourage the art of slow living.

Dome Sky Fireplace, Le Feu, The Modern Shop, $3,073.

The Wooly Pillow, Mush Studios, $167.

Match Striker, Areaware, $48.

Annapurna Floor Lamp Large, Roche Bobois, $3,540.

VEO Screen, Zanat, AVENUE ROAD, $8,875.

Puffy Lounge Chair, Hem, $4,519.

Presley Candle Holder, Atelier Toit, $428.

“Touch” Rug 3, Gossamer x Proba Home, starting at $660.