SFMOMA’s New App is Changing the Game

Not only does the San Fransisco Museum of Modern Art have newly expanded gallery spaces, but they also have an innovative new digital strategy to boast. Gone are the days when visitors simply meandered through the halls of a gallery, learning tidbits of information from the plaques of the wall. The modern and contemporary art space has introduced an interactive mobile app that uses both a location-tracking system and an engaging storytelling tool to further engage patrons. The app will know exactly where you are at all times—creepy, but also cool—and will lead you through each exhibit or installation, offering creative responses and guided tours along the way.

“Digital technology is an exciting new way to increase access to the arts,” said Michael R. Bloomberg, New York Mayor and the founder of Bloomberg LP, the initiative that is bringing digital programs to cultural centres across the globe. “SFMOMA’s new digital strategy will help it reach new audiences and create a cutting-edge experience for all of its visitors.”

Visit sfmoma.org for current exhibition listings, and be sure to use the new SFMOMA app when you get there. We definitely will be.