Polestar Shows Off its Newest Luxury SUV in New York City

Technology, sustainability, and design—three guiding principles that encapsulate the ethos of Polestar, a premium Swedish electric car brand that unveiled its newest car model in North America for the first time.

“With electrification, whatever you knew about cars before has now changed. You have to reinvent what before was always a given,” says Polestar’s Global CEO, Thomas Ingenlath.

The Polestar 3 does just that. Dubbed as the SUV for the electric age, the EV has been carefully crafted with cutting-edge innovation in mind. The EV is full of smart monitoring components to aid in a safer driving experience. Each car also comes with Dolby Atmos technology that allows for a fully immersive and incredibly precise sound experience.

Beyond its technology, riding in the Polestar 3 means contributing to the brand’s commitment to being environmentally conscious.

“We have a huge problem with transport emissions still rising in 2023 when they should start declining,” explains Fredrika Klarén, Head of Sustainability. “But you can have a carbon impact if you choose an electric car over a fossil one. The potential is so huge.”

Sustainability is interwoven throughout the Polestar 3. Materials used include a natural fibre composite made of European-grown flax that’s lighter and uses less virgin plastic than any conventional alternative. And a Bio-attributed MicroTech, which is an innovative vegan alternative to leather.

But the brand’s commitments to the environment go far beyond chosen materials. Polestar hopes to help contribute to a more sustainable society on a larger scale.

“It’s not just about electric cars, it’s about bringing down the C02 footprint. It’s about making sure the customer is aware that an electric car itself doesn’t mean anything if you don’t charge it with green energy. It’s about putting the car out on the road already with a low C02 footprint. Things like that,“ says Ingenlath.

As a part of this commitment, Polestar is using blockchain technology to trace the origins of the components that go into the car’s battery, to make sure they are coming from conflict-free regions. And one of their production plants in Chengdu, China has been powered by 100% renewable electricity since 2021.

While technology and sustainability are key pillars of the company, design is paramount. The Polestar 3 is elevated yet approachable, minimalist but considered, sizeable and still sleek.

“The core of our brand is design. Everything we do is worked, and run, and brought to the customer through design,” explains Ingenlath. “It’s always the element of design that brings connectivity. It’s the Polestar way of integration.”

The exterior design of Polestar 3 is defined by sculpted surfaces, distinctive details, and optimised aerodynamics. Its door handles and windows are flush, its roof is fully panoramic and made of high-tech, laminated glass, and its side door mirrors are electrically adjustable, heated and folding.

“There’s lots of small things, but to us small things matter,” says Head of Design Maximilian Missoni.

To celebrate the launch of the SUV in the United States, Polestar hosted an exclusive reveal and cocktail reception. Located at The Shed in New York City, the unveiling was host to major celebrities including actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio, supermodel Irina Shayk, and White Lotus breakout star Simona Tabasco in attendance.

Polestar 3 is now available to be ordered in Canada. Available in six carefully curated colours ranging from black to a warm, dusky metallic, the SUV will be on showcase at Polestar dealerships this summer and deliverable starting in November.

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