Toronto-Based Restaurant Oretta and No Mask No Service Collaborate On a Limited-Edition Collection Of Face Masks

As the need to bolster local establishments grows increasingly robust throughout this time of economic uncertainty, two Toronto-based businesses are joining forces in a demonstration of resilience and geniality. Italian ristorante Oretta and online retailer No Mask No Service have collaborated on a limited-edition collection of face masks and a crewneck sweatshirt that flaunt a shared value for supporting neighbourhood shops and restaurants.  

The partnership is organic in nature, as Oretta’s interior décor, colour palette and takeout packaging greatly complements No Mask No Service’s refined and ultra-modern creations. When placing an order for either the mask or sweatshirt, the item will arrive in Oretta’s aforementioned wrapping, substituting standard courier delivery vessels for an on-brand aesthetic.

no mask no service

No Mask No Service founder Amanda Lew Kee notes how “What excites me most about collaborating with Oretta is that it’s not just another fashion collaboration but most importantly an entrepreneurial partnership of small local brands banding together during difficult times to lift each other up.” Additionally, Lew Kee’s face masks demonstrate the importance of covering up when entering into any public place, especially in the service industry in order to keep local businesses operating safely for both employees and customers.  

Salvatore Mele, the owner of Oretta, amplifies a vital call to support thousands of individuals whose livelihoods depend on patronage of any means possible. “Ordering takeout and shopping local has never been easier and has become a lifeline; a way for thousands of workers, families and businesses to stay afloat.”

oretta toronto amanda lew kee

Collaborations like this reflect the earnest values, passionate service, and a devotion to establishing a sense of community through shared experiences.

Beginning November 12th, the limited edition Oretta x No Mask No Service sweatshirt will be available for purchase via @nomask_noservice for $50 and the face masks 3 for $30 or 5 for $50 (a sixth mask will be sent free of charge to a loved one or frontline worker of your choice). The collection will be available for a month, while the sweatshirt will be visibly displayed and available to purchase at Oretta Caffè, aiming to inspire other small businesses to follow suit and form a synergetic bond to keep each other afloat during these trying times.

Photography by Serge Kerbel.