Maison Mercedes Is Bringing an Immersive Exhibition of Luxury to Toronto’s Yorkville Neighbourhood

Pop-up exhibitions, galleries, and stores are by no means a new concept, however one that encapsulates retail, Canadian design talent, and the world of Mercedes-Benz luxury is a fresh interpretation of the format that’s easy to get behind. Think for a moment about how scarce top-tier Mercedes-Maybach and Mercedes-AMG cars are, and how infrequently you spot one cruising through any Canadian city? A visit to Maison Mercedes will provide an up-close look at the pinnacle of the Mercedes-Benz portfolio, and its key specialty brands — Mercedes-Maybach, G-Class, and Mercedes-AMG — from November 18th through December 24th. In addition, visitors can also use the opportunity to acquire unique gift items from the location’s luxury retail boutique.

Maison Mercedes is bringing Torontonians a sensorial exhibition of luxury, in a space built to highlight the world’s most desirable cars while immersing consumers in the world of Mercedes-Benz luxury. It’s a gateway for shoppers in Yorkville to explore and experience the world of Mercedes-Benz, and an opportunity to shop a curated selection of brands from Canada and around the world. Taking over a massive footprint at 100 Bloor Street West, the venue will feature two interactive environments that will give visitors an inside look at the brand’s interpretation of what luxury means today.

First, the Haute Universe space is inspired by the Mercedes-Maybach Haute Voiture, which brings together the world’s of automotive excellence and haute couture to set a new pinnacle for sophisticated luxury. The limited-edition concept Mercedes-Maybach Haute Voiture — a rare creation that was first unveiled this past spring and that’s coming to market in 2023 — has been transported from Europe to Toronto, and will be on display throughout the event. Unlike past creations from other automakers who partnered with fashion houses on collaborations, Mercedes-Maybach hired an entire independent team from the fashion industry to craft the luxurious and boundary-pushing interior of the Haute Voiture, creating a new vision of the intersection between automobiles and fashion.

Alongside the Haute Universe, the Manufaktur Marketplace will highlight more adventurous luxury with the G-Class, and performance luxury with Mercedes-AMG, while showcasing Manufaktur — a new customization program offered by Mercedes-Benz where customers can select from a wide variety of exterior and interior finishes to create a vehicle that reflects their unique styles. With its range of high-end interior and exterior finishes, the offering can feel boundless as Mercedes-Benz customers can create more than a million combinations with Manufaktur. From historic tones and colours to head-turning modern matte and satin finishes, interior appointments like bespoke leathers and custom upholstery, combined with wood or piano lacquer trim, the end result is a first-class cabin experience like no other.

Bringing this vision of personalization to life in the Maison Mercedes space, the G-Class interactive installation will use projection mapping that will allow guests to customize the display vehicle and backdrop to create a scene that speaks to their unique vision/lifestyle/aesthetic. The space will also offer the ability to secure more information, and book a test drive, from a local Mercedes-Benz dealership.

Given this clear focus on the intersection between, luxury, automotive, fashion, and lifestyle, the space won’t be entirely centered around vehicles alone. Maison Mercedes will also feature two retail boutiques that offer a curated selection of luxurious gifts from designers in Canada and around the globe. This will include Varsity Headwear which makes its Canadian debut with Maison Mercedes. At the Varsity Headwear Atelier guests of Maison Mercedes can design a custom specialty cap, choosing from a range of premium and sustainable fabrics, rich colours, and unique fits. They’ll even be able to add a final touch of personalization at the diamond engraving station. Canadian brands in the space include LUXTON, Sully & Son Co., Alan Anderson, Hestia Jewels, SENTALER and Mas.

Regardless of whether you’re a luxury car aficionado, a resident fashionista, or simply passing through Yorkville with hopes of completing your holiday shopping, Maison Mercedes is a must-visit before its final day on Christmas Eve.