Letter from the Editor: Style Emancipation

Editor-in-Chief Sahar Nooraei

When I moved into my current apartment, I colour-coordinated my entire closet and proudly documented it on Instagram: black, navy, grey, and white (with a sprinkling of off-white). And while I was as discerning about what I wore then as I am now, I rarely went beyond the strict colour code I had established for myself.

If we’re lucky, we evolve and break habits when they become overdone. In my case, what changed was not necessarily the silhouettes or styles I gravitate toward, but rather the colours I choose to wear, as well as my appreciation for quality fabrics and textiles and how they lie against the skin. Royal blue, powder pink, rich reds, and more now cover my clothing racks, and there’s no going back.

Focusing on a wardrobe packed with essentials and forgoing pieces that give me momentary satisfaction has been a game-changer as well. Playing the long game with clothes is where my head is at these days. It’s no longer only about the brand, but about accumulating a smart and fulfilling edit of clothing that falls elegantly on me and brings out my complexion. As a result, getting dressed has become a more enjoyable experience—and a time-saving one.

To a certain degree, I credit the changes I’ve made to my travels—trips to Havana, Santa Fe, Mexico City, Rome, Paris, my hometown of Tehran, and beyond. Each destination, unique in its own right, allowed me to absorb the creativity of the locale as it related to style, and inspired me to revisit my own personal approach. The locals I’d encounter (and continue to encounter) enchanted me with how they paired different colours and shapes, and how they carried themselves. These observations taught me to be constantly engaged with the outside world and made me realize there is always something new to learn when it comes to style.

When it was time to conceptualize our cover shoot with Big Little Lies star Shailene Woodley—and with the topic of colour top of mind—we knew we wanted to portray her in a refreshing way that highlighted her striking presence. Her outspokenness and infectious energy are traits we wanted to celebrate in our summer issue, and we did so by enlisting a strong team to achieve our vision. With the expert talents of image-makers (and colour experts) Juco, as well as the styling know-how of Danielle Nachmani, we devised a shoot that is both arresting and indicative of the endless possibilities of colour-blocking in a streamlined and modern manner.

So whether it’s with the vibrant hues of our cover shoot, the artfully layered ensembles in A New Direction, or the dreamy hair creations in Take Hold, we hope to captivate and inspire you to step outside what feels familiar, to take a different route, and to create some new style rules for yourself.