Leave a Lasting Impression with Eye-Catching Tabletop Decor

Sirius Glassworks

Photo by Iris Fraser-Gudrunas, courtesy of Sirius Glasswork.

With over 45 years of experience creating unique hand-blown vessels, Sirius Glassworks takes a more natural approach to designing glassware, allowing the fluidity of the material to dictate its form and hue. Founded by Peter Gudrunas, this private Canadian studio produces its exclusive colourings in-house, giving each piece an authentic artisanal flair. Recently, Gudrunas has collaborated with his daughter, Iris Fraser-Gudrunas, to provide more contemporary offerings, evident in the sumptuous range of kaleidoscopic drinkware. These functional objéts d’art will illuminate tablescapes as their polychromatic surfaces interact with lighting, becoming show-stopping accessories perfect for a lively gathering.

Dinosaur Designs

Photo by Levon Baird, courtesy of Dinosaur Designs.

Dinosaur Designs gleaned inspiration from the ocean’s sublime qualities and dynamic hues for the collection of homewares it has aptly titled Swim. Cerulean, mineral, cobalt, mint, chalk swirl, and leaf dominate the selection’s vivid palette, with silver accents featured throughout. The pigments are applied in a manner that resembles natural maritime phenomena, including curlicued currents and turbulent rushes. The collection’s forms are robust, possessing an organic appearance with slightly uneven surfaces and intentionally imperfect shapes. These bowls, serving plates, and platters are a captivating accompaniment to intimate social events where the finer details are paramount.

Lisa Corti

Photo by Barbara Franzò, courtesy of Lisa Corti.

Designed in Milan and hand-produced in India by skilled artisans, Lisa Corti’s fabrics inject an illustrative idiosyncrasy into any dwelling. Drawing inspiration from the visual cultures of India and the East, Corti’s textiles are crafted with the utmost care, using an ancient block-printing technique that results in vibrant patterns
and motifs. Sprawled out as a tablecloth, Corti’s artisanal embellishments animate any dinner setting, as their iconographic elements, rich hues, and delicate details allow the eye to wander across their surfaces. Expect to spark some delightful conversations as guests examine and decipher these unique pieces of woven artistry.


Photo courtesy of Cutipol.

Cutipol carries the time-honoured handiwork of Portuguese silverware into the modern age. Established in 1963, the brand has built a sturdy reputation as a leading force in the fine cutlery industry, and is revered for its exceptional finishes and the timeless appeal of founder José Joaquim Ribeiro’s original design. The recognizable silhouettes, refined colour palette, and tactile quality of the Goa collection help elevate the dining experience. Found in esteemed restaurants worldwide, Cutipol’s creations perfectly complement epicurean endeavours.