Holiday Meal Kits From Restaurants and Bars Across Canada

There’s nothing quite like a fresh-from-the-grill restaurant meal. But with lockdowns occurring across the country, we’re stuck having our food delivered or scrambling to find exciting recipes to try at home. Thankfully, restaurants across Canada are offering DIY meal kits with fresh ingredients to transform your home into a world-class kitchen. It’s a great way to support local businesses while getting a high-end, at-home meal.


Sala Thai 

This modern Thai restaurant has become a staple for those near the Danforth. They’re currently offering curry and stir fry noodle kits that can quickly be whipped up at home.


There’s nothing quite like fresh Italian food and right now Scaddabush is offering at-home kits to replace the usual frozen pizza fallback. Choose from a variety of pasta and pizza options.


If you’re missing the duck fat fries of the beloved downtown beerhall, don’t fret! WVRST is providing kits for you to make this indulgent treat at home. Enjoy alongside their tasty charcuterie kits.

Good Hombres

The folks at Good Hombres have found the solution to avoiding soggy take-out tacos, by creating DIY meal kits. All ingredients are provided separately so you can create the freshest tacos when you’re ready to eat.



If you’re stressed about weekly meal planning, Nuba has your back! The Lebanese restaurant is offering kits that will provide between 12 and 20 meals, with plenty of vegan and meat options to keep everyone happy.


From farm to table to your front door, Forage is offering takeout meal kits that will have you creating a decadent duck confit or your own sourdough bread.


Mise en Place

When legendary Montreal chef Danny Smiles set out to open a new restaurant in the city, he was hit with the unprecedented roadblock of the pandemic. He decided instead to launch a meal delivery service that blurs the lines between at-home cooking and restaurant cuisine.


If you’re tired of your usual go-to meals and want inspiration without putting in the work, sign up for Mokili’s weekly food plan. These pan-African meals, designed by Chef Epepe, are the pinnacle of comfort food. 


Three of Montreal’s best fine-dining restaurants, Le Club Chasse Et Pêche, Le Filet, and Le Serpent, have come together to create high-end meal kits that require very little prep.