Enliven Any Room With Artful Candles That Fuse Form & Function

Carl Durkow

Philadelphia-based Carl Durkow categorizes his candles as organic lightbulbs, accentuating the inherent functionality of his creations. Durkow’s creations are made using a 50–50 blend of beeswax and soy wax that produce an odourless burn, and are coloured in an array of alluring hues. The collection’s striking silhouettes—which are either deliberately designed or incidental—elevate these objects into a realm of sculptural expression. Whether used as decorative adornments or a practical means of spatial illumination, this family of candles is imbued with personality that radiates magnitudes.

Lex Pott

Designer Lex Pott does not believe in excessive ornamentation, preferring to strip down his creations to the very essence of their chosen medium. When conceiving his Twist Candles—the latest addition to his eclectic homeware and accessories range—Pott was intrigued by the inherent elasticity of wax. With their sinuous contours, these candles were devised to fuse both a base and the shaft into one succinct shape, enabling structural support through compelling curvatures.

Grain x Areaware

As ecological accountability is thrust to the fore, James and Chelsea Minola of Grain Design manufacture products that combine pragmatism with an experimental aesthetic ethos. Having established a reputable enterprise in the home decor market, the duo joined forces with Areaware in 2016, expanding its repertoire with a range of sculptural candles which were originally shown as one-offs in 2013. Unscented and made from paraffin wax, the Totem Candles’ unique profiles—which resemble shapely candelabrum bases—are achieved using forms originally conceived by turning beeswax on a lathe. The collection is available in three different sizes, with a 15-, 25-, or 35-hour burn time, and come in an array of soothing earth tones including plum and terracotta.