Discover Greta Cevenini’s World Of Subtle, Dreamlike Interiors

With the world on pause and social contact reduced to a minimum, many have discovered a new appreciation for their home quarters. Thus a demand has emerged, calling interior designers to the forefront of the creative industry to instruct and inspire through their work. Among them is Greta Cevenini, a young talent who transforms spaces by translating her visions into lived experiences.

Icon Design Natural Soft Tone Concept and Set Design by Greta Cevenini.

Born in Bologna in 1989, Cevenini dreamed of becoming an interior designer from childhood. Despite her early passion, she opted to study architecture at Politecnico in Milan, in accordance with her belief that “aesthetics is something that is formed with one’s personality and sensibility, but the understanding of a space is something that is learned.”

Cevenini returned to interior design following graduation after she came to a pivotal realization while browsing through a magazine. “I happened upon a striking editorial from an important design studio from Milan; at that moment, I understood this was the path I wanted to follow.”

La Manufacture Catalogue by Greta Cevenini.

She sent that studio her portfolio and was working there by the end of the week. Today, she operates her own business tailoring her design strategy by project type. “The approach is different when I face an editorial, a set-up, or an advertisement. Recently, I have been restyling showrooms in Milan as well as some private interior projects.” She has also collaborated with notable furniture companies in the past, such as Cassina and Meridiani.

For the newly formed work-from-home force, Cevenini offers some words of wisdom: “Create a workspace in harmony with the aesthetics of your home and not by forcing on it what should be found in a conventional office; avoid a purely office look by opting more for decor solutions.” With that, we take a page from Cevenini’s book to upgrade our own new realities.

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