Bombay Sapphire® Is On a Mission to Become the Most Sustainable Global Gin

If a gin cocktail is your chosen vice, you can sip BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® contentedly knowing that you’ve made an earth-friendly drink selection.

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE is the first global gin brand to use 100% sustainably sourced ingredients, as certified by ECOCERT. The brand also uses a unique vapour-infusion process skillfully capturing the natural flavours of the 10 hand-selected botanicals—including juniper from Tuscany, coriander from Morocco, cubeb berries from Java and lemon peel from Spain—creating the distinct and exquisite taste that’s synonymous with BOMBAY SAPPHIRE.

Each ingredient is sourced from growers who are committed to responsible farming practices, creating a 360° sustainable approach. BOMBAY SAPPHIRE works closely with its growers to ensure the finest botanicals are used to formulate the bright, balanced and refreshing taste the brand is known for.

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE prides itself on the strong relationships formed with suppliers over the years, assisting in their growth and development and ensuring ethical and sustainable practices at each step of the supply chain.

“We understand our responsibility extends beyond just sourcing the finest botanicals for our gin—we believe it is equally important to care about the people and communities behind the ingredients we use,” said James Fisher, Senior Brand Manager for BOMBAY SAPPHIRE.

“By prioritizing sustainability and social responsibility, we’re able to give our consumers peace of mind that the ingredients in our gin are coming from organizations committed to continuous improvement.”

The brand’s distillery in Laverstoke, England has an innovative zero-waste approach, recycling used botanicals through anaerobic digestion to reduce its carbon footprint and capture methane gas, helping to contribute to a greener future. The distillery operates on 100% renewable energy, earning it an “outstanding” rating by BREEAM, the world’s leading environmental assessments for buildings.

Even the iconic blue bottle is completely recyclable, proving that BOMBAY SAPPHIRE has taken the concept of “drinking responsibly” to a whole new level.

Thankfully, taste is never compromised through this commitment to sustainable practices; the bright, fresh flavours standout from the crowd, making it the gold standard—or rather, the sapphire standard—of sustainable gin. It will elevate any cocktail or mix. Try it for yourself!

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE continues to set a precedent as the most sustainable gin brand—from botanical, bottle, bar and beyond.

View the gallery to discover more of the BOMBAY SAPPHIRE distillery in Laverstoke, England.

Photos courtesy of BOMBAY SAPPHIRE