5 Decadent Holiday Recipes To Try This Week

While restrictions across the country are keeping us from celebrating our usual holiday traditions, good food is never against the rules. With more time spent at home, now is the perfect opportunity to flex those chef skills and try some new recipes this year. Check out these Instagram recipes for some holiday inspiration to end 2020 on a delicious note.

For Your Main Course

Although holiday gatherings will be small-scale this year, there’s no reason to skip out on a big main course. This turkey with maple herb-butter has a sweet, crispy skin, while the spatchcock prep keeps the meat tender and juicy on the inside. The turkey can also be swapped for chicken if you’re looking to avoid weeks of leftovers.

For The Vegan

You don’t need to stuff a bird to have great dressing. Tabitha Brown, AKA the internet’s favourite mom, offers a quick fix for a vegan dressing with meatless sage sausage and vegan butter. Watch the video once for the recipe and three more times for her delightful personality.

For The Health Nut

While the holidays are usually a time to indulge, many have spent the entirety of 2020 doing just that and are looking to bring some healthy choices to the table this year. This festive Waldorf salad incorporates in-season fruits, like pomegranates and apples, for the perfect winter side.

For Those On The Paleo or Keto Diet

If you’ve committed to the Keto diet, there’s no reason to break it in order to eat a delicious holiday meal. These recipes are Keto-friendly and dairy free, so you can stay guilt free.

For The Gluten Free Person

The gluten free among us often miss out on the most indulgent holiday carbs, but these easy gluten-free Yorkshire puddings can be whipped up quickly to satisfy. They only need 3 ingredients to make, taking the stress out of cooking alternative dietary options.

For The Meat Lover

If you’re looking to up your iron intake this season, this veal roast is the ticket. The chestnuts in this recipe offer a nutty flavour and the white wine keeps the taste nice and light.

For Those With A Sweet Tooth

Nothing is more indicative of the holiday season than chocolate and peppermint. This indulgent cake is a great way to switch up the usual apple pie option for something far more festive.