3 Coffee Table Tomes to Invest in This Fall

Photo by Kenneth Willardt.
Photo by Kenneth Willardt.

The Beauty Book by Kenneth Willardt (Teneues)

This hardcover compendium of images by photographer Kenneth Willardt exemplifies the contemporary concept of beauty. Through the intimate eye of his lens, models and celebrities (many of whom call Willardt a friend) prove that while beauty is fluid and lacks true definition, it still provokes a palpable response when recognized. All of the proceeds from the book will benefit Sauveteurs Sans Frontières, an organization that provides medical aid to those in need around the globe.

Photo by Arnaud Carpentier – Archives Galerie Vallois Paris.
Photo by Arnaud Carpentier – Archives Galerie Vallois Paris.

The Impossible Collection of Design: The 100 Most Influential Objects of the Twentieth Century by Frédéric Chambre (Assouline).

Design expert, auctioneer and art historian Frédéric Chambre chronicles the last 100 years of creativity and ingenuity in the craft of furniture and décor, spanning from Art Nouveau style to the digital movement of today, in a glossy hardcover tome.


Love Style Life by Garance Doré (Spiegel & Grau)

Along with our admiration for fashion prowess, our innate sense of curiosity about the lives of others likely plays a role in our fondness for fashion bloggers. In her very first book, Love Style Life (October 27), awardwinning blogger, photographer, illustrator, author and “Guardian of All Style” (according to the New York Times), Garance Doré gives readers a witty and personal account of her past, her relationships and her style. Complete with lessons learned and solid advice on owning your personal style, Doré’s inaugural book is this season’s must-have accessory.