Yuki Zhao Curates The Perfect Winter Wardrobe With Moncler


Italian luxury outerwear magnate Moncler is heeding public health measures by refining their immersive digital shopping experience. In order to keep their clientele safe, the brand’s Yorkdale location is upping the ante on socially distant shopping by offering a tailor-made, multi-media service that places a precedence on the staff’s wealth of knowledge about their products. Toronto-based fashion influencer Yuki Zhao witnessed firsthand this commitment to excellence when picking the perfect winter puffer and knitwear to endure the forthcoming subzero temperatures. S/ spoke with Yuki about shopping electronically with Moncler, how she withstands winters in Toronto, and keeping motivated during lockdown.

What is your approach to winter style?

“My winter colour palette is composed of all neutral colours such as black, white, cream, beige, olive green—you name it. I keep it minimal—layering is key to winters in Toronto. You want to look high fashion for those meeting—many of those meeting are now zoom calls—at the same time, you want to keep it fun and chic.”

What are your go-to winter essentials?

“Toronto is brisk during the winter season, so having a stylish down jacket or coat is definitely at the top of my list! My outerwear needs to keep me warm while also being versatile enough to make me look good in different types of situations. When I’m not wearing mock neck or turtleneck sweaters, a scarf is a must have.

“On top of the cold, you have the strong winds too. When you live in a city like Toronto, you have to be fashionable and practical. Lastly, I would say my leather boots, I think that’s one of my secrets to winter style. You don’t need to ruin your nice low-top sneakers in the snow and road salt. Leather boots are not only functional but are a staple piece to an outfit. There are also so many different styles of leather boots you can choose from. The pointy boots were pretty on trend, but this year TIRE boots, and the puddle boots have clearly taken over.”

Describe your virtual shopping experience with Moncler.

“I loved it—the whole process is extremely convenient for me. The staff are patient and professional, making recommendations according to my style—it’s a huge timesaver. They asked me about my favourite colours and style preferences, and they also try on each piece for me sending pictures to let me know the exact fit. Also, the staff is knowledgeable about the garments, they know their products. After going through all the options and placing my order, a perfectly packed bag was sent directly to my home! During these times especially, these virtual shopping experiences are crucial. We’re all avoiding unnecessary in-person contact but we still need our pieces, we still need our fashion. This process has made a difficult Christmas season that much more manageable. The experience was top notch and I’d recommend it to anyone.”

What are some of your favourite pieces from your virtual shopping experience with Moncler?

“The turtleneck sweater will have to be the first thing I want to talk about. The quality is really nice, perfect to wear by itself or for layering. The cut is amazing, it looks very flattering. Turtlenecks are one of the most versatile pieces in my winter wardrobe, they go with all types of outerwear. Another piece that I really like is the Tiac coat. It’s in black so at first glance it’s low-key but it has a ton of thoughtful details and character throughout. The biggest selling point for me is the belt which says ‘Moncler’ on it, that in combination with the cut around the waist make for an amazing coat.”

How are you staying inspired and motivated at home?

“I start every day with my morning routine, that has really been important for me. I have a notebook that I keep full of my plans and the tasks I want to complete each day. This is especially good for these times of quarantining and distancing—you can lose track of time so easily. Having routines definitely helps anchor you. I also love to explore and learn new things constantly, that helps keep me fresh. Sometimes it’s through an online course, sometimes it’s as simple as reading a book about wine, finance or art history. Other than that, in order to stay motivated I love to check out what some of my favourite influencers are up to, I feel like I’m learning different cultures from something as small as an Instagram story. To be able to be constantly inspired is not easy. But for me, photography and writing blogs has definitely helped me with that. I love taking photos, it makes me appreciate the beauty of life more. Sometimes we just take those things for granted. I’ve also been writing for some years through my platform to share some of my thoughts on fashion, life and whatever is happening in the world. Doing all these things helps me stay inspired and motivated.”