Toronto Jewellery Brand Gemmie Debuts Inaugural Collection

As a result of her frustration at the jewellery’s industry’s gap between simple and cheap or interesting and luxurious, former digital editor and long-time marketing expert, Emilie Nolan began building Gemmie; a direct to consumer fine jewellery line, with a mission to have fun and do good. Offering bold but accessible jewellery, pieces from the inaugural collection is sure to please both maximalists and minimalists alike. Additionally, the brand focuses on brightly coloured, genuine, and responsibly sourced diamonds and gold, and offers a wide range of customizations for customers. Each item can be made in white gold and can be personalized with inscriptions and a self-designed gemstone band. To honour the launch of Toronto-based Gemmie, we catch up with Nolan and talk about her debut jewellery collection, the social impact of her brand, and what she sees for the future of her newfound business.

What was your inspiration behind launching Gemmie?

Gemmie was inspired by what I felt like was missing on the market. I was shopping for something I couldn’t find while taking notes on what was available — fine, fun jewellery that wasn’t overpriced. This brought up new questions, then ideas, and before I knew it, I was sitting down with my future manufacturer designing the first collection. At its core, Gemmie is meant to be fun. Fine jewellery is often too serious or too demure, and Gemmie is the exact opposite, and thanks to our relationship with the manufacturer, we can also maintain an approachable price point.

Can you talk about your debut collection?

Gemmie’s debut collection is comprised of two solid gold stackers, seven bright gemstone bands (known as Gemmies), and a pair of hollow gold hoops that are available in 5 sizes. This is the Gemmie starter pack. The rings are designed to be layered and stacked while the hoops frame the face without weighing your ears down.

What social causes does your brand support and why?

From the inception, Gemmie was always built to do good. As a conscious consumer, I wanted to create something bigger than just a brand. At checkout, customers can pick one of six critical charitable organizations, to which we will donate 5% of the sale. As a Canadian-American, I chose organizations that need support in both countries. At current, Gemmie supports the American Civil Liberties Union, Environmental Defense Fund, Planned Parenthood, RAICES, The Native Women’s Association of Canada, Trans Lifeline. As we continue to grow, so will our list of partners and charitable organizations. I am also building this function into a Shopify app, giving any other brand the ability to install this option into their check out page.

How does your brand stand out from other jewellery brands?

Gemmie was a long time in the making, and as a result we stand out from the crowd because of our products, mission, and practices. At our foundation, every piece is produced at the highest standard, we are staunchly against plastic packaging, and are committed to not only supporting important causes, but welcoming and representing a diverse range of people. From a design perspective, Gemmie is fun — the pieces are colourful, bold, and stand out, but are also timeless.

What do you see/ hope to see for the future of Gemmie?

I would love to see Gemmie grow to include an array of fine accessories, for our list of charitable partners and contributions to grow, and to incorporate recycled stones and metals into our business. Businesses and brands are all about evolution, and I’m looking forward to hearing what our customers do and don’t like, and growing from it. I am also excited to build a modern workplace. I love company culture!