Sofia Coppola on What Surprised Her at CHANEL’s Métier d’Art Show in Manchester

When it comes to critically acclaimed films that deliver strong storytelling and visuals, no modern auteur does it quite as effortlessly as Sofia Coppola. Her films have had global success, all the while maintaining an air of subtlety that leaves the viewer (including this loyal fan) with the feeling of watching something incredibly intimate and personal. Coppola’s personal style is arguably an extension of her aesthetic choices as well. Feminine but understated, fashion has been an important throughline and theme in her work from a young age. She interned at CHANEL at the age of 15 and has remained connected with the maison as a creative collaborator in recent years. This past December we caught up with the filmmaker in Manchester to chat about CHANEL’s latest Métier d’art collection. 

Sofia COPPOLA, creative collaborator, wore a black cotton glittered jersey jacket with matching pants, look 55 from the Spring-Summer 2024 Ready-to-Wear collection. CHANEL accessories, bag, and shoes. CHANEL Make Up. Copyright CHANEL

Sahar Nooraei: How was it filming Priscilla in Toronto? 

Sofia Coppola: I loved filming there. I had a great crew and I liked living in Toronto. 

What did you think of the Métier d’art show? 

“I loved it. I was a little skeptical when I heard they were going to do it on the street in Manchester…in December. And I thought, ‘are you sure that’s a good idea?’, but I was really impressed. I thought the music and clothes were really beautiful.”

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Music remains an important part of your storytelling. Are you a fan of the music that’s come out of Manchester? 

“Of course. It’s some of my favourite music. I love New Order, and a lot of the history associated with Factory Records. It’s exciting to be in Manchester, and learn more about the city, where the music I love comes from.”

What have you learned that’s surprised you? 

“I’ve learned a lot. I didn’t know it was the birth of the suffragettes and the beginning of the cotton industry. I also got to meet Peter Saville, who designed a lot of the albums covers that I love—he’s a hero of mine.”

What makes the Métier d’art collections particularly special and meaningful? 

“For me, it’s focus on the craftspeople, and the traditions that CHANEL keeps alive. I think it’s so honourable that they maintain and support those ateliers. And there’s a new generation of artisans that are learning that craft—that’s unique and special. And, I love the Métier d’Art collections because it really showcases incredible artwork, detail, and embroidery.”

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And lastly, do you have a favorite look in the collection that really resonated with you? 

“That’s hard. The colours were beautiful, especially at night—it was a surprise to have those colours in the collection. I love the opening look. And then there was one coat that’s pink and black tweed, that fabric was really incredible.”

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