Second Cousin Vintage is Popping Up at SOOP SOOP

Toronto-based online, second-hand shop Second Cousin Vintage is teaming up with west-end clothing store SOOP SOOP to showcase some of the best vintage in the city. With the modern, minimalistic SOOP SOOP aesthetic in mind, the pop-up will feature an array of hand-selected early aughts finds from Roberto Cavalli, Chloe, D&G and beyond. With a passion for eco-conscious shopping habits with a distinguishable flair, Second Cousin Vintage founder Elise Troister has become a master at her trade. Here, she reveals what’s in store for the limited-time pop-up (which runs from August 13th–15th), her most cherished scores, and what’s next for her vintage empire.

What sparked this love for vintage fashion? Are there any moments, individuals, or collections that stick out in your mind? 

“For as long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with thrift shopping. The feeling of finding something super weird or some one-of-a-kind designer piece for under $10 still gives me such a high. It’s become an addiction, a passion, and a form of therapy. As I gained more and more knowledge of particular designers through collecting and researching, my love for collections from the early 2000s continued to grow. There is something about that period that just really hits for me. The style combines a naïve sexiness and playfulness with the perfect balance of 90s minimalism.”

second cousin vintage

How has working with vintage changed your perspective of the fashion world? What are some important lessons you’ve learned from dealing with second-hand clothing?

“There is an insane amount of incredible clothing already in existence, it just takes time and a good eye to find the right things. Generally, I consider buying fast fashion lazy and irresponsible. It’s not even cheaper than vintage shopping and it should be a last resort. That being said, it is 100% more challenging if you wear a larger size, and I can’t lie, a lot of vintage shoes tend to fall apart mid evening.”

What can we expect from this pop-up at SOOP SOOP, and will you try to incorporate their aesthetic into your curation of the pieces?

“I’m bringing all of my current stock, which I haven’t shown in person since before Covid. Very exciting.”

second cousin vintage soop soop

What are some of your favourite pieces in the pop-up and why?

“My favourites are always those early 2000s runway gems. I have some really unique Roberto Cavalli, Chloe, D&G and more.”

What are the next steps for Second Cousin Vintage? Are there any other collaborations on the horizon?

“We are hopefully going to be doing a lot more pop-ups (assuming Covid gets gone). Aiming to do one once a month moving forward. We are also collaborating with a very cool print designer at the moment, incorporating her prints into vintage pieces. which we will be selling very soon.”

second cousin vintage