S/ Was There: Chanel Fall-Winter 2019/2020 Haute Couture

Gabrielle Chanel once stated, “Books are my best friends.” In her childhood and throughout her life, books transported her to a dream world that eventually inspired the creation of the timeless allure that is Chanel. Following this, it comes as no surprise that the theme for the Fall-Winter 2019/2020 Haute Couture show is built around Gabrielle’s true passion and love for literature. This collection, artistic director Virginie Viard transported attendees into a world surrounded by books with clothing inspired by the words within them. With the 1930s being used as a template, Viard created chic silhouettes, loose and lithe, that were then embellished with belts or bows. Sticking to a colour palette conceived for the colder months, the collection was washed with black, white, navy, and burgundy with hints of pink, fuchsia, blue, green, and orange interjected every so often to break it up.

Within the collection, the classic Chanel tweed jacket takes on many forms including overcoats with hemlines skimming the floor or belted dresses comprised of pleated two-tone tweed. The inspiration of books and Karl Lagerfeld himself is homaged through embroidered layered fabrics that emulate pages of a book and Lagerfield’s writing snuck into the sequin embroidery placed on one of the dresses. Among many other aspects, this collection blurred the lines between inner and outerwear through the mix of garments such as lace dresses with little bomber jackets placed on top. With the considerable attention to detail, this sophisticated and feminine line has made its mark as another take on the everlasting Chanel allure.

View the gallery for a glimpse at the set, celebrities, and our favourite looks from the show.