S/ Was There: A Celebration of Planet OMEGA with Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber

The celebration of Planet OMEGA at the Chelsea Factory in New York City continued on Tuesday with Global Ambassadors Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber. The outstanding event was a continuation of celebrations with Global Ambassadors following previous evenings with Daniel Craig, Nicole Kidman, and more. Planet OMEGA is a unique and immersive experience that celebrates the craftsmanship and history of OMEGA with some of the brand’s most notable timepieces on display where visitors can dive into the renowned legacy of the Swiss brand. The exhibition covers six unique categories, Sport and Olympic Games, Space, Ocean, James Bond, Friends, and Precision. Some key highlights on display in the “Vintage” section, on loan from the OMEGA museum in Switzerland, include a wristwatch worn by John F. Kennedy during his Presidential Inauguration Ceremony in 1961 and a watch worn by Elvis Presley, gifted to him by RCA Records to celebrate 75 million records sold worldwide.

After observing the exhibit, Cindy and Kaia took to the stage for a panel discussion which gave attendees insight into their bond not only with each other but also with OMEGA. The mother-daughter duo represents two generations of OMEGA ambassadors, with Cindy being an ambassador for nearly three decades, and Kaia joining in 2017. When asked what it’s like to be an ambassador at the same time as her daughter, Cindy exclaimed, “I think the thing that I’ve appreciated the most, especially with the OMEGA relationship with Kaia, is the opportunity for both of us to see each other and who we are in our professional life and I think that’s really rare for mothers and daughters. Obviously, so many mothers and daughters are close and I love being close with Kaia but it’s also fun for me to see how she conducts herself in a work situation. We both get to further develop our relationship outside of the traditional mother-daughter relationship.”

Joining her mother as an ambassador seemed a natural fit for Kaia, “my first MET Gala I wore a very beautiful OMEGA and it felt very comforting because I’ve been an ambassador with OMEGA since 2017 but I’ve been sort of in the OMEGA family since I was born so there is something to me that feels very familial about working with OMEGA and having that sort of little reminder while I was at the MET Gala, which can be an intimidating place, it made me feel comforted,” says Kaia told S/ about her favourite watch moment.

View the gallery below for a look into the evening’s celebrations, and the exhibition. Planet OMEGA is open to the public until November 19th at the Chelsea Factory, 547 W 26th Street in New York City.