Rolex and Tudor Reveal A New Collection of Watches for 2021

Rolex has released a brand new collection of dazzling novelties that are destined to captivate ardent timepiece enthusiasts and casual wearers alike. Featuring mechanical and aesthetic enhancements, Rolex has introduced the latest iteration of their iconic Explorer model, which boasts a 36mm case reminiscent of the original worn during a successful ascent on Mount Everest in 1953. A timeless black dial is equipped with characteristic 3, 6, 9 numerals in a chromalight display to ensure functionality. Additionally, the new timepiece includes Rolex’s 3230 calibre, a self-winding movement, which is new to the Explorer and an evolution in horology that augments the reliability and durability of the timepiece. Rolex’s signature Datejust has also been updated with the 3235 calibre, which now comes in a gorgeous olive green palm motif dial, and a 18K gold fluted bezel with a coordinating gold dial.

Rolex’s sister company Tudor has also launched a new collection of highly covetable timepieces. Its 1926 model features an embossed dial that harkens back to the watchmaker’s origins and is available in a sleek 28mm that exudes femininity. A smooth leather band provides a day-to-night appeal, while a rose gold bezel creates an alluring finish. Additionally, a self-winding mechanism with a 38-hour power reserve guarantees a flawless performance, reinforcing Tudor’s #BornToDare philosophy, which is always striving to do better.

Scroll through the gallery below for a closer look at the latest models.

Photography by @pbandwatches