Scarlett Johansson Stars in Prada’s Vivid Dreamscape for Latest Campaign

The Glass Age campaign by Prada is a geometric and radiant expression of art starring actress and producer Scarlett Johansson. With art direction by Venezuelan-American artist Alex Da Corte and creative direction by Ferdinando Verderi, the campaign celebrates the evolving shapes of the Prada Galleria bag. 

The iconic silhouette of the Prada Galleria is celebrated alongside Scarlett Johansson to bring attention to the evolving and ongoing dialogue between Prada and fine artists. Inspired by the reflective nature of acting and performance art that Johansson has mastered in her work, Galleria bags are adorned with geometric graphics, curved lines, and symmetrical shapes in special edition handbags.

Da Corte’s work features fantastical, vividly-hued, and all-encompassing artistic visions exploring notions of humanity and connection. His multi-media art ranges in medium from video, performance, installation, painting, sculpture, and now with Prada—his very first venture into a fashion context. Colours, synchronicity, emotion, and connection are all universally evocative through art and performance, making the collaboration between the artists and talent in this campaign for Prada so very meaningful.

View the gallery to discover The Glass Age campaign, and shop the Prada Galleria here.