Prada Launches New Galleria Bag With a Campaign Starring Scarlett Johansson

First debuting in 2007, the iconic Prada Galleria symbolizes unapologetic opulence. This year, an icon within the Prada universe, the Galleria challenges surface and structural design by echoing lightness, inside and out. Supple calfskin exteriors and Napa linings envelop a delicacy amplified with touch. Engulfing a spirit of softness, the palette of warm neutrals brings to life the bag’s reimagined plush attitude. Tying together timelessness and beauty, the Galleria channels the ethos of Prada in its entirety.

Named after the brand’s historic flagship boutique, opened by Mario Prada in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in 1913, each Galleria bag transcends time, and mirrors the state of fashion for each year it was recreated. The exterior is treated as a canvas for embellishment, where micro-studs plated in gold emulate an undeniably Prada aura. The studs are seen as dots of light, illuminating a soft beam of reflection. The hardness of a stud is juxtaposed against the softer construction of the Galleria.

Further acting as a canvas, the Galleria is also created with three-dimensional, handworked leather floral embellishments. In motion, the delicate florals playfully bloom and transform the surface. While the florals erupt—whether finely coiled rosebuds or anemones—signature Prada motifs come to life to demonstrate the renowned craftsmanship that characterizes the brand.

As an extension of the brand’s creativity, Prada spotlights the art of acting and reinvention in partnership with actress Scarlett Johansson. Channelling the beauties of craft, Prada views fashion and acting as mediums of expression, where a constant shifting of identity marries both. Captured in New York City by director Jonathan Glazer, the campaign’s still and motion images document the intimacy of performance. Celebrating technique, Prada creatively encapsulates the various mechanisms of acting through Johansson, where the instrument of everyday life is the Prada Galleria—distinctly highlighted as a tool of life rather than a product.

Discover more of the Prada Galleria at the gallery below.