Piaget’s 150th Possession Collection Showcases the Maison’s Creativity and Playfulness

When looking at the storied history of Piaget, craftsmanship, design, and creativity could be the words most associated with the Maison. In celebration of its 150th anniversary, Piaget has launched a special collection of Possession pieces, incorporating more than a century’s worth of expertise into each item. The collection features five rings that elegantly display those years of innovation. Layers of bands, each featuring a key design of the Maison, are able to twist and move when played with—a nod to the earliest iteration of Piaget’s work in movement and their creative way of adding playful elements to each piece.

Founder Georges-Edouard Piaget first began as a maker of movement in watches, launching the maison in 1874 in La Côte-aux-Fées in Switzerland. To this day Piaget has a factory in the Swiss town, remaining true to its roots. Georges-Edouard was a true innovator and believed that house artisans should “always make better than necessary” each item. His work evolved from movement to designing the entirety of the watch, creating a beautiful shell to house the pristine technology within. The Maison would eventually go on to create the thinnest, most delicate movement technology in watches, constantly one-upping themselves with a forward-thinking approach.

Eventually, in the mid-20th century, the brand launched its own jewellery collection—a natural next step after perfecting watch craftsmanship. These decades of knowledge and design can be seen in each layer of the capsule Possession rings—skilled gem setting, goldsmithing and a mastery of kinetics create wearable moving art.

Chain designs incorporated in the rings’ layers pay homage to the history of master chain makers at the Maison, now and long ago. Gourmette, braided palm, and twisted torsade chains are nestled together in the collection, with three of the rings featuring sparkling pavé diamonds. A variety of gemstones create eye-catching colours in two of the rings, while the other three offer a more neutral palette. Each ring captures the playful-yet-chic spirit of the brand, celebrating its modern relevance and ongoing staying power while nodding to the many great minds that have shaped the Maison’s story.

View the gallery for a look at the collection.