Modern Icons: Messika is Reinventing the Game for Fine Jewellery

Modernizing a jewellery staple like the diamond is no easy feat, but for Valérie Messika, this ambition laid the foundation for her namesake brand, Messika. “I think the diamond is beautiful,” she reveals. “It’s coming from the earth, and I would like to pay tribute to its brilliance.”

Since 2005, Messika has been turning fine jewellery on its head with designs that take a high-end approach to everyday wearability. With transformative styles, they balance playful modernity with classic elegance, and have caught the eyes of celebrities like Rihanna and Beyoncé, who have been seen showcasing the brand’s stunning designs on the red carpet, including high jewellery. Messika has also collaborated with Kate Moss, solidifying itself as a favourite of the stars.

Valérie Messika. Messika Lucky Move PM Onyx Necklace.

That said, Valérie Messika does not design strictly for celebrities, but rather strives to offer diamonds for the everyday woman.“ I created for my friends, my mom, for everyone,” says Messika. “I started with a very minimalist approach, very comfortable and easy to wear.” Through this approach, she developed pieces that, in her words, are designed “as if [they’re] a tattoo on the skin.”

Valérie Messika found herself in the jewellery business thanks to her father, who worked as a diamond dealer. While she initially thought she would pursue a career in communications or marketing, following in her family’s footsteps allowed her to explore her creativity in her own right. “My father told me, ‘Please keep going on your road. Don’t copy anyone. Find your road.’”

Messika Lucky Move PM Onyx Bracelet.

In carving her own path, Messika has created iconic signature collections such as Lucky Move and The Skinny, a delicate, diamond-encrusted bracelet, that epitomizes the brand—light and wearable yet strong.
Her most recent campaign, shot in Saint-Tropez and featuring Kendall Jenner, is an extension of the youthful elegance of Messika jewellery. According to the designer, Jenner embodies the different personalities of the typical Messika woman—powerful and able to take care of herself. “I think the beauty of Messika is that the woman can push the door of the store open for herself,” she states. “She’s not expecting her husband or partner to buy it.”

Messika collections are available at Birks stores in Canada.