Meet Mejuri Creative Director Justine Lançon

If you’ve ever wondered how Toronto-based brand Mejuri perfectly masters classic, simple, and statement pieces, you can look to Creative Director Justine Lançon. Justine’s French-born influence has helped in the quick and ever-rising success of the once small company. With Parisian inspiration in mind came The Croissant Dôme Collection, creating a new French girl style. We spoke with Justine about the collection, her role at Mejuri, and making the move from Paris to Canada.

What was the inspiration behind the Croissant Dôme Collection?

“We wanted to add to our popular Dôme collection with uniquely patterned pieces you could stack with the originals. When we were looking for design inspiration, images of croissants and Paris kept appearing. We also kept referring to ‘baking’ the designs to make the pattern look more exaggerated, so the designs naturally became perfect for French style—timeless, subtle and bold, but still casual and fun.”

Are there any key elements that go into the design process?

“We tell stories about style and the women around us. Each design always has its own narrative—perhaps a reference to the current season or a trend from the ’90s we want to revive in a fun way. When designing fine jewelry, each tiny detail counts—it’s the subtle differences that create wearable, timeless pieces. We also incorporate feedback from our community when it comes to iterating, and design pieces that complement the existing editions. As we focus on everyday pieces, we use precious materials but design for a price point that makes sense without sacrificing on using the best materials. It takes a lot of work to create an edition every Monday, but the pace of weekly drops keeps things fresh—and we love the journey!”

What factors helped the Mejuri brand flourish quickly?

“We wanted to build a brand that reflects us, with a long-term vision. One key factor is that we grew our community very organically—people talk about the brand because they connect with it. We’re building a loyal, transparent, and fun relationship with our community that’s focused on dialogue. We also create all our content in-house with a very talented team, so everything from product design to editorial is thoughtful and consistent, allowing us to create stories we can actually connect with. Last but not least, Noura’s (Mejuri CEO and Co-Founder) passion and energy is extremely important—thinking about how, since day one, she’s wanted to build something big and new took all of us down this incredible path. It takes a lot to build a brand like Mejuri, and she has transformed the team and our customers into strong ambassadors of the brand.”

What made you decide to move to Canada? What was the biggest change after moving?

“Paris is such an intense city—you tend to become localized and move around less, but I’ve always loved to travel and wanted to get a taste of a different lifestyle. I love the North American mindset, and when my husband got a career opportunity in Canada, we decided to go. I left the agency where I was working in pursuit of a fresh start. Upon moving, I met Noura and we started the fabulous adventure of building this brand together. It was a big change, and I’m so thankful I met her as a partner and as a friend.”

How was the transition from working with brands like Lacoste and Veuve Clicquot to a fine jewellery brand?

“From a brand standpoint, I would say it’s similar—they are all luxury brands with that require a lot of attention to detail and focus on overall brand aesthetic. The major change that I love is the pace—we’re very reactive and agile, so when we want to introduce something and keep the same standards, we can move very fast in the launch process. I like to say we design in an untraditional way—though we introduce quickly, we handcraft our fine jewelry in the most traditional, careful way. As a brand, it’s key to reinvent yourself while keeping your roots strong.”

What are some Parisian style tips you’d like to see more of in Canada?

“Silk scarves! I love them because they’re so versatile and complement your outfit so effortlessly. I love wearing all black and making an outfit pop with a colourful scarf and jewelry, of course. Also, by finding a middle ground between casual and sophisticated, you’re able to navigate through day and night wearing the same outfit, with just a few minor accessory adjustments. That’s why Parisian style often looks so effortless—but we all know that’s usually not the case!”

View the gallery for a look at the Croissant Dôme Collection.