Margaret Qualley Gets Candid About CHANEL 22 Bag Release

After making its debut at the Spring-Summer 2022 Ready-to-Wear show, CHANEL has unveiled its newest emblematic design, the CHANEL 22 bag. In the new campaign lensed and directed by ​​Inez and Vinoodh, the Maison explores the lives of 3 of its muses through a series of photographs and films. Margaret Qualley, Lily-Rose Depp, and Whitney Peak star as the faces of the new campaign, inviting viewers into settings that showcase different facets of their personality, travelling from Los Angeles to New York with their partner of choice: the CHANEL 22 bag.

On the topic of the campaign, Inez and Vinoodh state; “We were given the opportunity to create three completely different stories with three completely different women and set out to create three stories that would show a lesser-known side of each woman. Researching and diving into their worlds was very inspiring for us.”

To celebrate the launch of the new campaign, S/ had a chance to learn more about CHANEL ambassador Margaret Qualley’s connection to the new CHANEL 22 bag.

What was it like working with Inez & Vinoodh on this campaign? Tell us about their vision, their collaboration with you and Virginie Viard, the atmosphere in general? Was there a stand-out moment during the shoot?

“I love working with Inez & Vinoodh. They communicate so effortlessly; they’re listening to each other even when they aren’t speaking. The spirit of my part of the campaign was getting back to nature, so that’s what we did. We went to the desert and hiked to a waterfall, and then I even got to ride a beautiful black stallion. It was truly dreamy.”

What do these images say about your lifestyle and everyday life? What do you think Inez & Vinoodh wanted to say about you?

“Inez & Vinoodh are constantly working. They’re always flying from one place to the next and work long hours to meet deadlines. But they also have this deep desire to be present and connect with what matters to them. I think they see that same drive in me and also some of the damaging effects it can have. They know how I can get stuck in my head and drive myself crazy. It was a real gift to do a shoot that was all about getting back to the earth. It’s like okay, she won’t stop working, fine, so how about we make the project about stopping working!”

What do you think about the CHANEL 22 bag? How does it match or enhance your own style?

“I love it. I love it, I love it, I love it! It’s so great because it’s incredibly sensible. Gabrielle Chanel was all about practicality and this is a practical CHANEL bag for 2022, it even fits a laptop!”

Could you describe three different moments or situations in your everyday life when you’d use the CHANEL 22 bag?

“Easy: a trip to the park (it fits all the books you’d like to bring), a date, the airport, to work, to get ice cream—oops that was more than three!”

What is it about the CHANEL style and allure that appeals to you, inspires you?

“It’s just classic. I feel best when my clothes don’t speak for me, but they make me feel comfortable speaking for myself, and CHANEL does exactly that.”

Gabrielle Chanel believed in numbers and launched her second fragrance, N°22, in 1922. In tarot, 22 is one of the Master numbers and holds so much strength it can turn dreams into reality. In numerology, it represents the fulfillment of one’s greatest aspirations… What does the number 22 mean to you?

“The number 22 makes me think of my brother’s high school basketball number. So, I think it’s pretty lucky too.”

What would be the perfect day/night with your CHANEL 22 bag?

“The perfect day with my CHANEL 22 bag would be one spent with my loved ones, a day with no commitments but hopefully lots of chatting, cuddling, walking, eating, and laughing.”

What precious things do you carry in your CHANEL 22 bag? Tell us one thing that has a special meaning for you.

“In my bag, you’ll find my keys, wallet, passport, lip balm, eyebrow brush, journal, phone, tissues, probably some random candy, and a lucky penny.”

It has often been said that Virginie Viard is a woman designing for women and their needs… Is the CHANEL 22 bag a good example of this?

“The CHANEL 22 bag is a perfect example of Virginie’s natural ability to create pieces that empower women. This is a bag that accommodates a woman’s every need. It’s a bag made for a woman who works and reads and maybe even carries around a coloring book for her kids or snacks, all while looking stylish as heck.”

View the gallery to see the rest of the campaign.