In Conversation with Luis De Filippis At CHANEL’s Annual Female Filmmaker Dinner

In its fourth year, CHANEL, in collaboration with Variety, hosted the annual Female Filmmaker Dinner at the Soho House in Toronto. This prestigious event, paying tribute to film and CHANEL’s commitment to empowering women in the arts, welcomed celebrated filmmaker, screenwriter, and Women Writers’ Network participant Luis De Filippis. Prior to the dinner, S/ had the privilege to interview De Filippis, delving into her artistic vision. Here, she reflects on her debut feature film, Something You Said Last Night, and the inspiring filmmakers who influence her work.

What does it mean to you to be part of CHANEL’s Women’s Writer’s Network?

“I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some really lovely people. Mentors and artists who are passionate about film and storytelling. It has meant a lot to form bonds with this year’s cohort Teyama, Idil, Farida, and Berkley inspire me not just because of their work, but because of the way they push and stand up for their voices. CHANEL’s legacy, which has traditionally centered on pushing the POV of women, is alive and thriving in the hands of these amazing filmmakers.”

Are there any previous alumni or current filmmakers and screenwriters in CHANEL’s Writer’s Network, whose work you’re particularly fond of?

Maggie Briggs is someone who inspires me. Her vulnerability and openness is all over JOYLAND and I’m so excited to see her sit in the director’s chair for her upcoming feature debut. Jasmin Mozaffari is someone a bit closer to home, we went to school together.  She has a quiet and yet bold power which translates to her work. I’m very excited for her short MOTHERLAND which is premiering this year at TIFF.”

You recently debuted your first feature film Something You Said Last Night. How do you hope this program will impact your work as a filmmaker and screenwriter, and help you to continue to tell meaningful stories?

“I think the best way to continue telling meaningful stories is to stay curious. For me, the CHANEL Writer’s Network, and the TIFF Writers’ Studio back in March, was a reminder that the magic of creation is found not in the answer, but in the question.”

Are there any films you’re excited to see at TIFF this year?

“Oh yes. Definitely LA CHIMERA by Alice Rohrwacher. I’m also very excited for Meredith Hama-Brown’s feature debut SEAGRASS.”

Fashion (and beauty) play a big role in your debut feature. How do fashion and beauty empower you?

“For me, fashion and beauty are modes of storytelling, they are writing with different tools, and as a storyteller I’m constantly, well, telling stories. Fashion empowers me to play with who I want to be on any given day and gives me the control and agency to decide how I want to show up.”

How would you best describe the look you created for the CHANEL & Variety Female Filmmaker Dinner?

“I love the look we created for the dinner. It’s playful and charming;  encapsulating both the elfish and tomboy elements that make up my style, while highlighting Chanel’s classic and Iconic house codes.”

Hair and makeup by Julie Cusson for CHANEL Beauty.
Photography by Nikki Ross.

View the gallery below for a closer look at Luis’s photo diary at TIFF.

SOMETHING YOU SAID LAST NIGHT hits select American theatres later this September. The Quad Cinema in New York, starting September 22, and The Culver Theatre in LA, starting September 29.