Louis Vuitton Presents Time Capsule

Louis Vuitton presents Time Capsule at Toronto’s Union Station to showcase a journey through archival pieces dating back to 1854 all the way to today. The capsule shows the ways Louis Vuitton has predicted and adapted to the ever-changing fashion world, specifically in travel and the needs of travellers. The capsule focuses on six key aspects:

  1. The Keys to the Codes: tracing back to the designs of the very first trunks
  2. Journeys around the World: meeting the demands of new forms of transport
  3. Elegance in Motion: creating the desire to travel in style
  4. Icons of the House: selection of the most memorable pieces
  5. Magic Malle: the trunk where it all began
  6. Artisans Room: live experience of craftsmanship

The Time Capsule, which began September 7th, will be open daily to the public with free admission until September 30th at Toronto’s Union Station, 65 Front Street West.

View the gallery for an inside look at the archive.