Liu Wen on Being One of the Faces of Chanel’s New J12 Watch

Liu Wen

Chinese Supermodel Liu Wen‘s first Chanel memory took place almost 10 years ago when she walked her first show for the house. Today, she is joining the likes of Keira Knightley, Naomi Campbell, and Ali McGraw in a star-studded campaign for the 2019 launch of the new and modernized version of the iconic J12 watch.

Described by Chanel as “the companion for every second,” the reinvented J12 is available in black or white, and is crafted from high-resistance ceramic. The new model boasts an enhanced dial, a refined bezel and crown, and a steel-triple folding buckle, all while maintaining its classic silhouette. The timepiece also features a new self-winding movement manufactured exclusively for Chanel.

At the official launch in Paris’s Place Vendôme, we caught up with Liu Wen to get her take on the classic timepiece and learn what it’s like to be a brand ambassador for the esteemed fashion house.

What do you like about timepieces?

“First, they’re beautiful, and also they count the time. I’m a very strict girl, so when I go out, I always have to make [room] for five minutes, or 10 minutes, [I always know] what time exactly I have to do something. So, that’s the meaning of the watch for me. Also, I love the watch because it’s a piece of jewellery… they show your personality. The J12 is so beautiful and my favourite colours are black and white, so it’s perfect!”

What’s your favourite time of day?

“My favourite time of day is the morning when I wake up. Every time I will say ‘tomorrow is another day.’ You’re kind of leaving the past, you have to move forward. You just have to live in the moment—it’s so important to be living in the ‘right now’. Also for me, I really love sunset—like Naomi [Campbell] said, the golden hour makes everything so beautiful.”

How does it feel to be included in a campaign with such a wonderful, intellectual, and beautiful group of women?

“I just really appreciate it because my work with Chanel started in 2008, when I was a model working the fashion show, and then after that, I became a spokesperson for the brand. I feel like I grew up with Chanel. For me, it’s not just working with them, they’re like a family. They are very connected with you, they take care of you. I’m honoured to be working with a lot of the supermodels and actresses here. It’s just such an honour to be a part of this kind of group, to show women from each different generation of beauty. Every woman has their own story to tell… I feel so special.”

You said you like the watches, and that your favourite colours are black and white. How do you choose what colour to wear?

“I’m a tomboy… unless I’m going to a photoshoot, where I become very feminine. But for my personal life, I always love baggy, oversized t-shirts and boyfriend jeans. I think the J12 is a perfect match with this outfit because it is a very classic shape and very pretty. You can wear it for a long time, it’s the perfect piece.”

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