Letter from the Editor: Keep It Moving

Sahar Nooraei: photographed by Justin Aranha.

To say it’s been a seminal year for S/ magazine would be an understatement, so to have it culminate with another beautiful issue is the cherry on top of an extraordinary 2019. In the interest of ending on a high note, we were determined to find a particularly exceptional cover subject to represent our enthusiasm for the decade ahead.

Just as this year has been a defining one for S/, it’s been that and more for Regina King. She was a decorated actor prior to her recognition at the Academy Awards this past February, but King’s Oscar win cemented her status as a top player in the film and television world, and was a heartfelt moment for those who have tracked the talented actor’s career and patiently waited for her to receive the praise she so justly deserves.

And while the unfortunate “Oscar curse” is a reality for other actors whose careers took a nosedive following an Academy Awards win, King swiftly kept the momentum going with her latest project, HBO’s critically acclaimed hit Watchmen. Not to mention, she’s also had the honour of being named one of Time’s most influential people in 2019.

King was as electric on the set of our cover shoot as she is in all the projects she touches. She’s gracious, strong, charming, and straightforward, and she has great taste in music—as illustrated by her expertly curated high-energy playlist on set. She put us all at ease with her distinct, calming voice and modelled the clothes effortlessly, thanks to her genuine spirit and commanding yet inviting presence.

The Los Angeles–born actor’s dedication to her craft, coupled with her perseverance, is something we all can channel as we move into this new decade. As daunting as it may seem to close a chapter, it’s also an opportunity to start again, get motivated about a new venture or excited about a forgotten passion, and simply push forward.