Laura Winges Rules the Runway

In only eight months, 20-year-old Laura Winges has walked for some of the most luxurious brands du jour, such as Dior, BCBG Max Azria and Calvin Klein. Though many can only dream of this glamorous lifestyle (which she habitually documents for 33.3 thousand Instagram followers), this Ottawa-native has made this her reality.

Here, the model reminisces on her experience walking for Dior and shares her wisdom on how to make it on social media.

Laura WingesHow do you prepare for large show like the Dior Cruise Collection?

I had already done the Dior show during this past Paris fashion week for fall/winter ready to wear and that definitely helped prepare me! It was my first cruise show so I researched past cruise shows on Youtube because I was curious and excited. I also practiced my walk a little bit since it had been a while since fashion week.

For those who didn’t attend the Dior Show, what is the most interesting thing about Le Palais Bulles ?

The Palais Bulles was so amazing and unlike any house I’ve been in before. The view overlooking Cannes was so breathtaking— especially having a chance to watch the sunrise with the 6 a.m. call time! Also studying architecture in the past helped me appreciate the Palais even more!

What has been your favorite experience so far as a model?

I have to say; the Dior cruise show has probably been my favorite experience. Other than that, I think being a part fashion week in general was also a great opportunity. Although it was so tiring, flying from NYC, to Milan and Paris was extremely exciting! I love doing runway and this being my first ever season I felt so accomplished having the chance to walk in 25 shows.

What is one thing that people wouldn’t know about you based on our social media presence?

One thing I don’t tend to post about on social media is that I play Ringette. It’s similar to ice hockey but not too many people know about it and it can be hard to explain so I’ve never really posted about it! It was such a huge part of my life for a long time. I played quite competitively for 11 years and just recently quit because I’m modeling full time.Laura Winges

Do you think social media has helped you in the modeling industry?

Yes. Social media is becoming such a huge part of modeling! Sometimes at castings we’re asked to write down our Instagram handles. I think my following and the way I present myself online can definitely be used to my advantage in the modeling industry.

What is your secret for instagram success?

I try to only post pictures I really love and am proud of! A lot of the photos I post on my account are my own photography so getting shout-outs from photography pages or companies that I’ve worked with like Brandy Melville, Triangl Swimwear and Daniel Wellington has definitely helped with my success!

In your experience, what is the most challenging and most fulfilling part about modeling?

There are many challenging aspects to modeling but a big one is definitely missing my family and friends. Since I started modeling about seven months ago it’s been hard to stay at home for more than a week! The most fulfilling for me is getting to travel and explore the world for a job that I enjoy doing! Also, booking a big job or getting great pictures of myself is a great keepsake.

What is your plan after your modeling career?

After my modeling career I’m definitely going to go back to school. My goal is to get into a program that has me doing something creative, preferably interior design or photography. I’m not quite sure exactly which program yet so having the time to figure it out, getting to travel and make some money to pay for it seems like a good plan to me!