Lady Gaga and David Beckham Front Tudor’s #BornToDare Campaign

As two of the daring ambassadors for Swiss fine watch brand TUDOR, Lady Gaga and David Beckham met for the first time in Los Angeles. A short film was made of their meeting that shows them speaking about their careers and the bold moves that propelled them to where they are now, agreeing that being told what not to do made them both want to do something more. The success of these two makes them both star ambassadors for the TUDOR #BornToDare campaign, sharing the same philosophies as the brand with the strong timepieces matching their equally fearless personalities. The spirit of the watch comes from founder Hans Wilsdorf who used his drive and determination to create a revered fine watch brand.

View the short film below to see the conversation between the ambassadors. Lady Gaga can be seen wearing the TUDOR Black Bay 36 S&G, and David Beckham wears the TUDOR Black Bay Chrono S&G model. The watches can be seen up close in the gallery above.