Haute Couture Fashion Week Diary: Day 2

Sahar Nooraei here, reporting from Paris Spring/Summer 2018 Haute Couture Fashion Week.

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January 23rd, 2018


I awake to the sound of my wake-up call.


Then my second one…


Finally, third time’s the charm. Can you tell I went to bed at 2AM?


It’s time to head over to the Grand Palais for Chanel’s Spring 2018 haute couture show. There will never be a day when I’ll “get used” to going to Chanel’s shows and presentations. There’s a lot of brands and designers who are hyped—in many cases well earned—but Chanel has maintained the integrity of the house, all the while creating an interesting band of ambassadors who are bold, eccentric, innovative and elegant.


It’s time to enter the venue and, at first glance, I see some beautiful foliage. As I walk closer I feel as if I’ve been plucked from my cosmopolitan life and dropped into an etherial garden party. It’s my belief that fashion houses have the ability to lift us up when we most need it. And without launching into politics, the atmosphere for the Spring 2018 collection could not have come at a better time. I’ve been on an optimistic kick lately and the positive energy that filled Grand Palais was definitely welcomed and much appreciated.

For my show look I opted for some great thigh-high boots from the Chanel Pre-Fall A/W 2017 Paris Cosmopolitan collection with a coordinating 2.55 handbag in red. I also wore my new Max Mara coat—a major closet staple!

As always, people-watching at Chanel’s shows is second to none. In one corner you had French singer Sebastien Tellier and architect Peter Marino—Marino is responsible for many of your luxury retail experiences FYI—and in the other, decked-out clients and socialites from around the world who put their own unique twist on the Chanel uniform.

Peter Marino grabbing a front-row seat.
A front-row Chanel client and her pup.

Enjoy this photo of Danielle Steel, one of the wealthiest and biggest-selling authors in the world—before E.L. James, there was Steel. She also has the most incredible style and I couldn’t help but be starstruck.

All the above photos were taken on the Apple iPhone X.


I take my seat and hear the music start. For the Spring 2018 collection, Karl Lagerfeld took inspiration from gardens and flowers. While my winter uniform is quite dark—old habits die hard—I think many of you will agree that we’re a bit starved for beauty in fashion. A balance is always encouraged. This is one of the reasons S/magazine has always covered haute couture and continues to produce one-of-a-kind shoots featuring the latest couture collections. While Chanel will never be predictable, there are certain signatures that will always make an appearance in the ready-to-wear, Métiers d’Art and haute couture collections.

Model Soo Joo Park (and former S/magazine cover star) in Chanel couture.

The opening looks were all done in beautiful spring tweeds featuring rounded shoulders and relaxed collars. My favourite series of frocks were the straight and narrow looks in shocking pink, blue and green. I’m always partial to less volume when it comes to my evening wear, however I can appreciate a dose of drama on the runway if done right. The way the mini-cage dresses flounced down the runway was certainly a sight to behold, and the coordinating sock-like boots were gorgeous as well. The feather appliqués on the dresses moved up and down in such a heavenly motion and, in some ways, synched with the classical music.  It’s also important to point out the number of looks that featured “practical” pockets—surely to many clients’ delight—which gave the models a unique strut down the runway. As the looks sped past me, I thought to myself how lucky we are to have haute couture as such a strong institution, and to have a brand like Chanel deliver a collection of this level. The Chanel woman is never easy to define, and I think the house likes to keep that mystery alive.

Discover all the 68 awe-inspiring SS ’18 couture looks in the gallery above. 


After the show, which left me with an expected high, it was time to zip over to The Ritz Paris for lunch. I’ve run into many interesting figures at the Place Vendôme-located hotel: Anna Wintour, Carine Roitfeld and a bevy of supermodels. This time around, as my beef tartare made its way to my table, I see a familiar figure walk into the salon: Sofia Coppola. I absolutely loved her latest film The Beguiled—sad to see it not recognized at the Oscars this year.


A quick hop and skip over, we end up at 18 Place Vendôme to view Chanel’s latest “L’Esprit du Lion” high jewellery collection. As a Leo, the lion served as an important symbol for Mademoiselle Chanel. “L’Esprit du Lion” explores the legendary designer’s fascination with her zodiac symbol in a collection spanning 53 pieces. What I love about high jewellery, aside from the level of decadence it boasts, is the surprising functionality. A number of the necklaces in the collection can be worn in different ways: a brooch, a choker and even as a belt. Working for a magazine that prides itself on highlighting beautiful timepieces, my attention always goes towards watches when a new collection is revealed. I enjoyed browsing how the lion was incorporated into timepieces that truthfully look more like extravagant cuffs complete with secret compartments that track time.

Here are some of my favourite pieces from the new collection:

Until tomorrow…