Hana Tajima X UNIQLO: The 2019 Fall/Winter Collection Made For Every Woman

New York-based and British-born designer, Hana Tajima, is collaborating with Japanese fashion retailer Uniqlo once again in creating another exclusive LifeWear line for their 2019 Fall/Winter collection. Quality fabrics from Uniqlo combined with Tajima’s elegant silhouettes create a selection of comfortable pieces that are both airy and sophisticated.

The collaboration, Underground, focuses on the strength and beauty of women with a lineup incorporating masculine design elements with simplistic yet considered pieces. The key colours in the collection include sandy beige and brown earth tones paired with gem-like blues and greens. The silk-blend series includes dresses, blouses and pants that can be worn as coordinates as part of the capsule’s contemporary and functional design. Through this collection, Tajima and Uniqlo provide women of all backgrounds with mannish but delicate pieces, allowing for a comfortable and graceful style that remains culturally sensitive and extremely versatile.

“There is beauty in change, and women especially are so adept at finding fluidity in adapting. Every time you step outside of what you know you are uncovering a new part of yourself, and each new part will show you who you are. I always keep in mind how a piece of clothing will move with the body. That is the interesting thing about designing clothes. They are not static pieces of art, they are made to be worn, to be creased, to adapt,” says Tajima.

Scroll the gallery to view the collection, available August 15th at Uniqlo Eaton Centre and Uniqlo.ca