Farfetch Senior Womenswear Editor on Paris Fashion Week

Fashion month came to an end with Paris Fashion Week and Farfetch Senior Womenswear Editor Celenie Siedel was there to see the final shows for the Fall 2020 season. With brands like Miu Miu, CHANEL, and Louis Vuitton closing out the week, it was a must-see. We caught up with Celenie to hear her take on Paris Fashion Week.

How do you decide what to wear to the shows? What has been your favorite outfit?

“This season when planning my wardrobe for fashion month, I really focused on buying vintage as much as possible, and luckily we have an extensive pre-owned designer selection on Farfetch. There is something really satisfying about the ‘hunt’ that comes with vintage shopping—stumbling across an item that you love is super special. I focused on finding pieces from some of my all-time favourite designers, such as Prada and Miu Miu, and started building a little archive for myself. Perhaps my most favourite item is a Chanel bag from a vintage specialist partner of Farfetch, A.N.G.E.L.O Vintage. I supplemented these pieces with a carefully chosen selection of new season pieces from some favourite designers—all of which were pieces I knew I could love and wear again and again in future.”

What were some of the standout shows for you this season?  

Marc Jacobs for the incredible performance piece forever in my memory; JW Anderson, Jonathan at his best; Balenciaga for the transportive, eerily relevant apocalyptic set; Mugler for the thoughtful, considered casting and Cadwallader’s very modern take on power dressing; Miu Miu for the uplifting collection that was equal parts punky and elegant.”

What are some noteworthy fashion and accessory trends coming out of Paris Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2020?

“Reclaiming sexuality (underwear pieces, latex); extra longline leather coats; ’70s continues and ’80s emerges; supersized shoulders; punky accessories.”

Are there any key elements that set Paris Fashion Week apart from the others during fashion month? 

“Paris is key in the schedule for numerous reasons—it is the one city in the calendar that draws the biggest portion of the industry, and the highest number of luxury fashion houses show on schedule in Paris. As an attendee, PFW really feels like the city that truly celebrates fashion wholeheartedly – the industry has such a long history there, but is also very supportive of the roster of new designers who show on schedule. Importantly, Paris is the place where as an editor, you start to really firm up your ideas on what the season has been about, tracking to see if the trends you’ve seen emerging in other cities are confirmed by the shows in Paris, and waiting to catch any important new messages coming out of the shows on the Paris schedule.”

Do you have any favorite moments from attending fashion week?

“Favorite moments are usually those spent with friends. One of the nicest parts of the industry is the way in which it allows you to meet so many people from around the world, and twice a year you’ll find yourself in the same city as a lot of those people and there are many happy reunions. Fashion week can be an exhausting time for anyone in the industry, but the energy of friendship is pretty powerful in getting everyone through the month!”