Diary of a Fashion Editor: Haute Couture Fashion Week, Day 3

Sahar Nooraei here, reporting from Paris for Spring 2017 Haute Couture Fashion Week.

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January 25th, 2017

About last night: After a jam-packed day, I decide it’s best to stay in. Before heading back home, I stop by my local grocer to pick up some brie, fennel, grapes and strawberries. What I love about Paris is that you don’t really find large grocery stores. This is why small businesses thrive there. After grabbing some essentials, I head to the Nicolas on my street–-Rue Chabanais–-to select a nice Côtes du Rhône for the evening.

Once at home, I chat with my flat’s owner, Franz (an artist) about the history of the street and the building. He mentions that the street was infamous for a brothel-–La Chabanais–-that was often frequented by King Edward VII. As for the flat itself, he mentions that an artist by the name of Madame Briard used to reside in it. She supposedly made custom floral pieces for socialites and esteemed designers, including Gabrielle Chanel, who worked with Briard to create the house’s iconic Camélia.

9:30AM I take the long way to the Ritz Carlton, where Chanel’s latest Métiers D’Art collection will be on view in the Coco Chanel suite. You never know what you’ll see when you take your eyes away from your phone.

Etienne Marcel

10:00AM I arrive at the Ritz Carlton to take a look at Chanel’s Paris Cosmopolite collection, which our Editor-in-Chief, Kristen Vinakmens attended last December. All the looks were on show in the Coco suite. The Métiers D’art is truly of the highest quality. My eyes were instantly drawn to the amazing accessories in the collection.

Chanel Paris Cosmopolite


11:30AM I head to the Marais, where the Jean-Paul Gaultier show will take place later in the day. This area has to be my ultimate favourite in Paris. Streets like Rue Charlot and Rue du Temple have a sort of pastel wash that put you at ease. Contrast that to the rest of Paris, where you’re faced immediately with these amazing structures and facades; the Marais feels more easy and low-key, depending on the street you’re on. I have some extra time to kill and decide to check out the Museum of Art and History of Judaism. On my way there, I spot Owen Wilson on a fold-up bike–-no big deal. As a fan of Chagall and Kandinsky, I heard through a friend that it’s a must-visit. The museum did not disappoint–-a Kandinsky a day keeps the doctor away–-you can quote me on that.

Jewish Museum

2:15PM Time for the Jean-Paul Gaultier show–my last show for this Haute Couture season. Everyone who works for JPG always looks like they’re having a great time. There is no putting on airs or pretension here–-just a pure and genuine love for fashion and Haute Couture. Once I get inside the HQ and head to get my seat, I turn to see Mr. Vincent Cassel–-a French Actor I’m quite fond of. He’s an underrated actor in my opinion–-he looks extremely cool–-check him out in Our Day Will Come. Not the first time I’ve seen him in person and hopefully not the last–-enchanté Mr. Cassel. I find my seat with the help of the Breton-striped ladies working the show–-what an amazing uniform–-simple and oh-so-Gaultier. As the guests were taking their seats, champagne flutes were being passed around and George Michael was on blast–-what an incredible moment.


3:00PM The lights dim and the show starts with Anna Cleveland in a signature black suit paired with a pink scarf–-this might be a look I’ll have to imitate come spring. Anna is the daughter of the incomparable Pat Cleveland–-you can tell she’s got her mother’s genes by the way she walks down the runway. The collection included looks that showcased Gaultier’s incredible tailoring and carefree approach to Haute Couture. Straw-hatted daisy-flower girls and plenty of corsets went down the runway. There’s a certain level of freedom present in all of Gaultier’s collections that’s always refreshing to see. Expertly crafted but never veering on the side of too precious. My favourite look was a lace gown, modelled again by Anna Cleveland.

Jean Paul Gaultier

4:00PM After the show, I meet up with a friend and head to Montmartre in the 18th arrondissement. We want to check out this supposedly amazing hotel called Hôtel Particulier. After circling and being let down by Google maps, we finally ask a shop owner for directions. We arrive at the gates outside the property. There are no signs, just an intercom. We buzz three times until someone answers. “Bonjour, Hôtel Particulier” a man responds. I let him know that we’d like to come in for a drink in my broken French, only to be told that they are not open. I’ll get you next time Hôtel Particulier! After getting hung up on, we decide to explore the area around the hotel.



8:00PM To celebrate my last show of the season, we head to the Hemingway Bar at the Ritz and order two French 75s.

Till next time, Paris.