Cruise Through Summer with Effortless Skater Style

Skateboarding and fashion have always gone hand in hand. Throughout the decades, skaters have shown their individuality through a quirky but relaxed sense of style, in turn becoming trend pioneers of the streetwear industry.

Skaters from the ’70s onward helped shape what we now know as streetwear, with items from short shorts to extra baggy denim. Each decade had skateboarders who doubled as fashion icons, with Z-Boys members Peggy Oki and Stacy Peralta showcasing California surf style at its most authentic. In the ’80s, notable members of the skateboarding community (including female skate gang The Hags and Marc Gonzales) begun the makings of grunge fashion, while the ’90s brought Vans sneakers and loud graphic tees to the fore.

Modern fashion has taken cues from skate culture throughout these eras, imbuing both streetwear and high fashion with countless elements such as chunky sneakers, tie-dye, and easy denim.

Explore the gallery for pieces inspired by skate fashion throughout the decades.