CHANEL’s High Jewellery Revisits the Past to Create a Brighter Future

CHANEL went back 90 years for its new “1932” High Jewellery collection, drawing inspiration from its original “Bijoux de Diamants” line first created in 1932 by Mademoiselle Chanel.

“I wanted to return to the essence of 1932 and to harmonize the message around three symbols: the comet, the moon, and the sun,” says Director of the CHANEL Fine Jewelry Creation Studio, Patrice Leguéreau. “Each heavenly body shines with its own light.”

Indeed, the idea can be seen in the diamonds’ perfect roundness designed to reflect their everlasting form and appeal. Elsewhere in the collection, the house’s iconic comet is interwoven on open necklaces to be draped across the neck and bust. And while the moon only appeared in one stunning piece in the original 1932 debut line, the new collection presents it as an iconic mainstay, which rises from the original crescent shape to a full moon. The power of the sun and its rays also radiates brightly from within.

Designed with the body’s natural movements in mind, 13 of the collection’s 77 can be transformed to drape celestial bodies and constellations in different ways across the skin. Meanwhile, coils studded with stars are to be wrapped around wrists creating their own unique constellations. Where the original collection focused on the classics, the latest line celebrates the gemstone with strikingly midnight blues sapphires, blazing sun yellow diamonds, and sky coloured tanzanites. It’s undeniably out of this world. 

View CHANEL’s 1932 High Jewellery collection here.