CHANEL Takes A Nostalgic Stroll Through Deauville for Fall-Winter 2024

For CHANEL’s Fall-Winter 2024/25 Collection, Virgine Viard whisks us away to Deauville, the birthplace of Chanel’s legacy. The show unfolds on a recreated boardwalk, under a simulated dawn-to-dusk sky in pastel shades of pink, mauve, orange, and pale blue, alongside timeless brown and gold lamé accents.

Prints pay homage to Deauville’s connection to cinema, referencing 35mm film and cinema tickets, a subtle nod to the town’s American Film Festival and the iconic film, “A Man and a Woman.” Chunky sailor sweaters and knits depicting Deauville’s landscapes add a touch of nautical charm, while Jumpsuits and negligees evoke the gentle breeze and crashing waves of the seaside town.

The collection wouldn’t be complete without the new interpretations of iconic Chanel bags. Pastel-hued wide-brimmed hats, colourful silk scarves, heeled knee-high boots, and sheepskin boots complete the picture, solidifying the collection’s connection to the brand’s heritage.

Viard describes the collection as “a very warm collection, with layers of materials, colours and volumes. It pays tribute to Deauville, the legendary place where Gabrielle Chanel’s destiny changed forever,” and it truly embodies that sentiment.

View our favourite looks through the gallery below.