The Best Fashion Moments from Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour

Beyoncé has unleashed an expansive repertoire of designer looks for her Renaissance World Tour, transforming these one of a kind creations from runway frocks to stunning stage costumes that are set to be memorialized in time. The show celebrates the tenacity of the human spirit by honouring queer subcultures, feminine bodies, and inclusive creative spaces, and the featured costumes mirror this sentiment through enchanting sparkle, bold colour, and extravagant silhouettes. She delivers on her self penned mantra “it should cost a billion to look this good” by unveiling a masterfully curated wardrobe that celebrates the divinely opulent, delivering truly stunning visuals as the self proclaimed mother of the “House of Renaissance”. Designers such as Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and Miu Miu have worked with Queen Bey to create a truly unforgettable array of looks that not only compliment the energetic mysticism of the show, but honour the innate regality that Beyonce herself holds.

Louis Vuitton: Detroit, Michigan

In collaboration with Pharrell Williams on his first custom look for the maison, this Louis Vuitton catsuit commands the stage with the jewelled Damier pattern with personalized motifs sprinkled throughout the design. Decorated with over 8,000 crystals and 60,000 black pearls, this blindingly opulent catsuit is adorned with several bejewelled bee motifs to serve as an ornate celebration of her fanbase and the devoted energy they embody.

Miu Miu: East Rutherford, New Jersey

Known for being self-referential within her work, Beyoncé recreates her ensemble from the “Crazy in Love” music video twenty years later, revitalizing the iconic look through crystallised embellishment and rhinestones. This Miu Miu look commemorates the humble beginnings of her career while also reinvigorating the spirit of the garment to align with the sparkling energy of the contemporary Renaissance era.

Iris Van Herpen: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dutch designer Iris van Herpen is known for crafting a dreamy visage within her highly technical designs, constructing a silent strength through exaggerated silhouettes, sheer construction, and a delicate colour palette. Van Herpen is able to capture the intimate sensation of raw emotion by creating an ethereal gown that compliments the alluring prowess and rich delicacy of Beyoncé’s enchanting vocals.

Fendi: Toronto, Ontario

Beyoncé commemorates her queen bee cult status with a custom Fendi lace dress that features crystallized honeycomb embroidery to celebrate the innate regality and quiet power of her on stage persona. The ethereal gown forges a delicate energy for the songstress, allowing her to serenade the crowd with laidback and intimate ballads that spotlight her enchanting vocals and directly diverge from the high octane theatricality of the show.

Gucci: Washionton, D.C.

As a love letter for all things divine, this custom Gucci bodysuit and cape honours the songstress’ Southern roots while also celebrating the extravagance of New York’s underground ballroom culture. The embroidered bodysuit is encrusted in dazzling silver sequins and fringe topped off with a custom silver cowboy hat that playfully alludes to Beyoncé’s hometown pride in this Renaissance era staple.

Alexander McQueen: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Beyoncé unleashes her inner stallion with this Alexander McQueen catsuit, referencing the adventurous spirit and queer energy of Studio 54 with a larger than life horse emblem. The ensemble features sheer panelling with a sequined horse design inspired by Bianca Jagger’s iconic entrance atop a horse at Studio 54, crafting a groovy commemoration of the locale’s creative legacy.

Lanvin: Chicago, Illinois

Beyoncé’s collaboration with the famed French couturier Lanvin celebrates the maison’s distinct savoir-faire, while also honouring the queer art form of ballroom culture through the use of flamboyant design elements. The silver lame bodysuit adorned with house signature gold hardware commemorates the tour’s futuristic themes and playful energy, while also inspiring a new metallic dress code for concert goers.