Backstage with Zoe Saldana at CHANEL’s Fall/Winter 2023/2024 Show

CHANEL transformed the Grand Palais Éphémère in Paris into a tribute to the camellia for its Fall/Winter 2023/2024 show. A giant version of the winter flower reigned at the centre of a circular runway, whilst miniature versions bloomed all over the collection creating joyful touches. 

Following the show, we spoke with actor Zoe Saldana about the familial memories CHANEL evokes for her and the power of the perfect jacket. 

How did you like the show?

“It was lovely! I’m a sucker for CHANEL’s coats, and there were beautiful coats in the collection. The accessories were really darling too.”

How does working with CHANEL empower you? 

“Actually, it inspires me. It’s a brand that I grew up knowing about. You know my grandmother was a seamstress and she loved CHANEL and I knew about Coco’s life because of her. My grandmother is no longer with us, so having this relationship with CHANEL makes me feel closer to her. I like the fact that multigenerational families can be fans and clients of CHANEL. From a great-granddaughter to a great-grandmother, and it all stays in the family. I think that what’s beautiful is the history that CHANEL has been able to preserve.”

If you could have one keepsake piece from CHANEL (from this season or past collections), what would it be? 

“I think it would be their jackets! CHANEL’s jackets are the most universal item you can have—you can wear it with a skirt, with a pair of jeans, you can just wear it! I just feel it’s a multipurpose item that I really love. Obviously their bags are also something that everybody loves, it’s a global sensation but I have to say their jackets are just fantastic.” 

Photos courtesy of CHANEL.