Backstage with Marion Cotillard at CHANEL’s Cruise 2022/2023 Show in Miami

CHANEL took over the sunny beach at the Faena Hotel in Miami for a replica show of its Cruise 2022/2023 collection, previously shown in Monaco. The setting was the perfect place for the bright collection of bold colours, stunning silhouettes, and charming accessories. Following the show, we spoke with CHANEL Ambassador and Oscar-winning actor Marion Cotillard about working with CHANEL and her most beloved looks.

What did you think of the Cruise 2022/2023 show?

“I love this collection. I wore several looks and I think it’s just stunning the way Virginie Viard turned the swimsuit into something you can wear anytime. It’s so beautiful.”

Do you have a favourite accessory from the collection?

“I like what CHANEL did with the tennis racket and ping pong racket—I love the bags. The shoes, the sneakers I loved, and the high heels. I really, really love this collection. I also love the simple strapless black dress and the swimsuit with the shine on it paired with the sweater. I have to say, I have almost everything in the collection.”

How does working with CHANEL empower you?

“CHANEL is a family house so you get close to the people who make this house alive very easily. I worked with CHANEL many years ago on red carpets when Karl [Lagerfeld] was there. He was such a character and there was so much he would give to the experience. I’m so happy that CHANEL and I have a close relationship now.”

How do you express yourself through fashion?

“I need to feel myself, but I love experimentation, I love to wear things that I wouldn’t wear in my regular life. I don’t wear very luxurious things day-to-day my life, but I like to experiment, I like to go on the edge, and I always find something I feel myself in and at the same time push it a little further.”

If you could only have one CHANEL piece in your closet, what would it be?

“The thing that comes to mind, but it’s true, it would be the N°5. It’s hard to choose one outfit but again, the outfit that I wore from this collection in Cannes, I love it, it’s timeless, it’s sexy, and it’s fun because it’s a swimsuit.”

View the gallery for a look at the CHANEL Cruise 2022/23 re-show in Miami.