At-Home Style Diary: Charlotte Groeneveld and Dior

In the ever-evolving sea of influencers and bloggers, Charlotte Groeneveld, otherwise known as The Fashion Guitar, stands out. And rightfully so, scanning through her feed, the Dutch-born blogger and stylist, shares a well-rounded glimpse into her life, chronicling her travels, family life, and of course, covetable personal style. In a special at-home collaboration with S/ for Mother’s Day, Groeneveld showcases Dior‘s Rose des Vents jewellery collection with a series of self-portraits and reveals how life changed when she became a mother.

How has your life changed since becoming a mother?

“Becoming a mother was like a rebirth of myself. I had a life before kids, and then the life with kids, which is fundamentally different. It puts everything into perspective, and it made me whole”

Do you have any role models when it comes to parenting?

“I find it hard to identify with people when it comes to parenting, or motherhood. There are so many incredible mothers around me, and the way they raise their kids is something I applaud but it is so personal. I parent with structure and reason but also a lot of underbelly feeling!”

You document your baking chronicles on Instagram so generously, what have you baked recently that you’ve been really proud of?

 “I love every single muffin I’ve made, but the lemon poppyseed ones were my personal favourite because they aren’t too sweet.”

We love the way you layered Dior’s Rose des Vents jewellery collection, do you have any tips on accessorizing effectively?

“These days it’s so easy to wear jewellery because there aren’t any rules anymore. You can literally throw on anything and it will look beautiful. Since the Dior pieces are so fine I like to stack them so they become more powerful together. Which I love, because I’m quite petite and fine jewellery can easily make me ‘too sweet’, whereas I love to make a statement with it.”

How do you balance running your own business and being a mother of two? 

“We live a super structured and organized family life in order to make our careers work. We all function well like this, because as soon as the structure goes, it’s mayhem and the kids start to argue and cry within the hour! It isn’t easy, it’s asking a lot of discipline and I get tired a lot. But I’m so passionate about both that I just go for it!”

Photography by Charlotte Groeneveld

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