All That Light: Discover the Divine Escapism of Dressing Up

Shot remotely during various stages of the global pandemic, photographer Royal Gilbert and stylist Nilo Akbari created a digital scrapbook with the goal of reconnecting through nature and technology. In proud collaboration with independent Canadian retailers, Canadian designers, and recent Canadian fashion graduates and pillars of the global fashion industry, All That Light explores the divine escapism of dressing up.

T-shirt, Nouveau Riche Vintage; skirts (layered) by Dorian Who; pants by Retsiort Esile; boots by Dr. Martens.
Jacket, Second Cousin Vintage; top by Kathryn Bowen; dress by Louisa Ballou; shorts by Agolde; earring by PAR ICI.
Coat, Second Cousin Vintage; bra and briefs by Haneen Lingerie; headscarf, Mama Loves You Vintage; mule by UGG + Eckhaus Latta, VSP Consignment.
Hat by RUS; bow by RVNG Couture.
Earring by Jacquemus.
Top and skirt by Markoo.
Dress by Mimi Wade.
Full look by Chanel.
Top and jeans by Kathryn Bowen; earrings by PAR ICI; earring cuff by Panconesi.
Jacket by Florence Mercille; corset by Madeleine LeBlanc; shorts by Charlotte Deneux; necklace (worn as anklet) by 12TWELVE; shoes by The Row, VSP Consignment.
Polo by Fendi; skirt by Pushbutton; brooch by Lynne Hey; mule by UGG + Eckhaus Latta, VSP Consignment.
Earrings by Cuchara; earrings by 12TWELVE; ear cuffs by Panconesi.
Clockwise from top Tyg: top, Mama Loves You Vintage; dress, Chosen Vintage; jeans, Second Cousin Vintage. Elizabeth: dress, Mama Loves You Vintage; jeans, Second Cousin Vintage. Tyg: top by J. KIM, 100% Silk; necklace by Isabel Marant. Elizabeth: cardigan, Nouveau Riche; pants by Daniel Bosco.
Shoes by Flat Apartment.
Top by Dilara Findikoglu; shorts, model’s own.
Unitard by Collina Strada; earrings by Corey Moranis; shoes by Fendi.
Dress by Marine Serre; hosiery by Emilio Cavallini.
Dress by Charlotte Knowles.
Full look by Chanel.

Photography by Royal Gilbert
Styling by Nilo Akbari
Set Design and Digital Art by Fani Claire
Models: Milly at Dulcedo Management, Mimi at Next Models, Emma at Face MGMT, Stella at Folio, Tyg Davison at Lizbell Agency, Nassia at Troy Agency, & Elizabeth Davison at Lizbell Agency.