Why La Prairie’s New Facial Mist is a Summer Must-Have

La Prairie expands its renowned caviar collection with the introduction of Skin Caviar The Mist, a limited edition spritz that reenergizes and hydrates the skin. The formula is designed to seamlessly integrate into any daily skincare ritual, instantly refreshing, and reenergizing your skin whenever, wherever.

Skin Caviar The Mist is an ultra-fine emulsion that uses technology to formulate very small oil droplets into the water of the mist—which allows the droplets to penetrate deeper and be absorbed faster into the skin. This technology increases the formula’s potency, helping to further seal in moisture.

Rich in restructuring proteins, Caviar Hydroessence and Caviar Micro-Nutrients, are the mist’s two main ingredients. The former aids in hydration while the latter contains more than 300 different natural nutrients, including energy-rich molecules, which stimulate the skin’s energy.

Beyond caviar, the mist is enriched with efficacious, high-quality ingredients like Argan oil and Bulgarian rose extract which helps to improve radiance.

Skin Caviar The Mist’s cobalt-blue bottle is made from recyclable glass so it’s sturdy but also lightweight and easy to carry. Keep it in your purse, your carry-on, or tote bag for an indulgent spritz that proves caviar is the missing ingredient in your summer skincare routine.

Skin Caviar The Mist, La Prairie, $250