Valentino Liquirosso’s Matte Liquid Colour Adds A Weightless Flush To Lips and Cheeks


There’s no question that blush adds animation to the face. One product that adds an easy pop of colour is Valentino Beauty’s Liquirosso Lip & Cheek, a matte liquid colour for lips and cheeks.

At the core of Valentino Beauty’s philosophy is the celebration of diversity and uniqueness, and Liquirosso embodies this ethos by offering a versatile, intense liquid matte colour that defies stereotypes and embraces creative non-conformity. With a specially designed V-shaped applicator angled for precision, comfort and ease, this product is easy to wear and buildable, allowing for both subtle and extravagant makeup looks.

In addition to the product’s innovative applicator, Liquirosso’s long-lasting, hydrating formula is infused with peony flower extract, which ensures 12 hours of comfort, leaving lips feeling moisturized, avoiding the dryness often associated with matte lip products.

Available in 12 couture shades, the blurred matte finish is the result of a unique mechanism that utilizes spherical fillers and light-diffusing gels. The final product is sleek and eye-catching, delivering impeccable results that can be adapted to suit any mood or time of day.

Explore the five star shades from the 12-shade collection.