True Botanicals is Taking Clean Skincare to New Heights

True Botanicals—which counts Olivia Wilde and Laura Dern as ardent admirers—formulates its award-winning and cult favourite products with utmost care and attention to detail. Unimpressed with the natural skincare options available, the brand’s founder, Hillary Peterson, took matters into her own hands, collaborating with a group of researchers interested in spotlighting the transformative power of innovative plant extracts. S/ recently spoke with Peterson about how True Botanicals is suitable for a modern sustainable lifestyle, its insistence on only utilizing potent ingredients, and the game-changing Chebula antioxidant that is elevating the brand’s product offering.

What was your skincare journey that led to establishing True Botanicals?

“I was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 32 after giving birth to my twins, and that moment was a wakeup call for me. Like many cancer survivors, I tried the clean beauty products available at the time, but they didn’t meet my expectations for offering efficacy and a luxurious experience. That is when I realized that if I, after everything that I had been through, was not excited about using clean beauty products, then why would anyone else want to use them?

“I embarked on this mission to make skincare that is very effective and so luxurious to use that it makes clean skincare not only irresistible for the people who are interested in natural products, but for everyone.”

What are some hero ingredients you want to call out from the range of products?

“All our products only use the highest quality ingredients and are free of the fillers and harsh chemicals that have become ubiquitous in the beauty world. Our nourishing formulas are powered by plant-derived peptides, antioxidant-rich oils, soothing ceramides, and a myriad of other natural extracts.

“The chia and kiwi seed oil found in our best-selling Renew Pure Radiance Oil are excellent sources of Omega 3 essential fatty acids. These barrier protective oils keep moisture in and environmental stressors out to help prevent the appearance of aging.

“Also, low and high weighted Hyaluronic Acid, found in all our serums, work on different levels: smaller sizes deliver a plumped effect that helps minimize the look of wrinkles, while larger sizes remain on the surface to deliver intensive moisture that help smooth and soften skin texture.”

Describe the process of developing products and the specific goals you have in mind during the research and preparation phase.

“When we are developing a product, we always start with the results that we want to deliver, whether it is calming inflammation, reducing the signs of aging, or clearing blemish prone skin. We take a very holistic approach to balancing skin, looking to nature to provide the biocompatible ingredients that will balance the skin and restore the youthful glow that is lost over time. We address the root cause of issues in order to deliver lasting results.”

How do you feel True Botanicals fits into a more holistic lifestyle that extends beyond just skincare?

“It is absolutely paramount to take better care of the health of people and the planet. As a result, we are collectively evaluating our purchasing behaviours so they can have a positive impact on humans and the environment. That is why all of our products carry the MADE SAFE® seal, the most comprehensive safety standard available, which certifies they are made without 6,500 toxic chemicals known to harm human and environmental health. As a cruelty-free company, we are also Leaping Bunny and PETA certified, and our products are free of GMOs.”

Can you elaborate on the innovations in the Chebula Active Immunity Serum?

“The Chebula Active Immunity Serum will dramatically change how your skin looks today, tomorrow, and years from now with the most potent, multi-targeting, breakthrough antioxidant in skincare. After sunscreen, the most important way to prevent and fight signs of aging is with antioxidants. Yet, traditional antioxidants stop working throughout the day because they are consumed when they fight a free radical. But this serum is formulated with Chebula, a special cascading antioxidant, which means once it’s done fighting a free radical, it reacts by taking on a new form that can fight the next free radical without losing the ability to defend and protect against other environmental stressors.

“Chebula’s uniquely bioactive properties effectively target roughness and dryness; fine lines and wrinkles; skin tone; elasticity and firmness; and dullness. True Botanicals is the first skincare brand to use Chebula, as we actively pursue potent anti-aging solutions that will make toxic or sensitizing anti-aging ingredients obsolete. There will be no reason to use questionable ingredients anymore when safe, sustainable plant-actives are delivering even better results.”

True Botanicals is available at The Detox Market