Recapture Your Glow with the Ultimate S Collection from Sulwhasoo

Fine lines, meet your match. Sulwhasoo’s Ultimate S Collection is here to redefine your skincare journey.

At its core lies the powerful Ginseng Berry SR™, encapsulated in a traditional Korean moon jar—a true testament to Sulwhasoo’s dedication to marrying tradition with innovation. The complex formula incorporates a rare Ginseng berry plant which undergoes a deep freezing process followed by 15 meticulous stages of extraction, purification, and concentration steps, spanning an impressive 1440 hours.

But it’s not just about beauty —this collection prioritizes hydration and the strengthening of the moisture barrier. This focus ensures that your skin not only looks youthful but also feels revitalized. Bid farewell to dull winter skin, and welcome radiant, age-defying skin.

In a move toward sustainability, The Ultimate S Cream caters to eco-conscious consumers with refill options priced at $540. This environmentally friendly choice minimizes packaging waste, aligning with Sulwhasoo’s commitment to both radiant skin and a greener planet.

Discover The Ultimate S Collection at holtrenfrew.com