Style Files: Moroccanoil Co-Founder Carmen Tal

The founding story of Moroccanoil is the stuff of beauty legend. Co-founder Carmen Tal was visiting family in Israel when she experienced a hair colour service gone wrong. In an effort to restore her fried locks, the Montrealer tried a local oil treatment—made from the nuts of the Mediterranean argan tree—and was stunned by the results. Realizing they had a game-changer on their hands, Tal and her then husband secured North American distribution rights and, a decade later, Moroccanoil is now a multi-million-dollar global brand.

Tal looked to the women in her life for support and guidance when first launching her business. Her mother in particular was a huge influence. “She encouraged me to listen to my instincts and trust my inner voice,” Tal says, “which has helped guide me so much in life and my career.”

Tal also took a cue from the women of her native Chile when developing her aesthetic. “I’ve always appreciated how Chilean women have a minimalistic approach to beauty and focus on products that enhance their own natural appearance,” says Tal. “They prefer hairstyles that are relaxed, casual, and not overly done.” With her business, she hoped to cater to women who wanted “high-quality products that were also easy to use, fuss-free, and delivered natural-looking results.”

After 10 years at the helm of Moroccanoil, Tal, who now calls New York home, continues to marvel at women with an unwavering sense of self. Her short-film project, Inspired by Women, showcases entrepreneurs and philanthropists that transform the world—whether with a passion for designing confidence-enhancing dresses, saving abandoned animals or encouraging creativity and self-expression in underprivileged children. “I admire all women who stand up for their beliefs and pave the way to make positive change in the world around them,” says Tal.

Oprah has been one of my biggest inspirations. The countless lives she has touched and the difference she has made in the world is remarkable. She is one of the most influential, inspirational women in the world today.”

“Morocco is one of my favourite cities to visit. Wherever I go—from the colours, the sky and the intoxicating scents to the people and natural elements—there is something in the air that inspires.”


“I’m obsessed with Altuzarra shoes at the moment. I would love to own a pair in just about every colour.”

“My best tip is to allow yourself extra time to style your hair in the morning. Great hair is empowering. When I have a blowout done, I feel ready to conquer the day.”

“I went to the Marchesa fall/winter 2017 collection, since Moroccanoil did the hair for the show. I would love to own any piece from that collection.”

“My favourite book is the children’s fantasy novel The Hobbit. I remember being so fascinated I couldn’t put it down.”

“I swear by Moroccanoil Pure Argan Oil, which is rich in antioxidants and has incredible anti-aging benefits. I add a few drops in my face cream every morning and it makes my skin look and feel amazing. But I would have to say my all-time favourite is our signature Moroccanoil Treatment. It’s a multi-purpose formula that does it all. It’s a conditioning, styling, and finishing tool. I would never dream of leaving home without it.”

Moroccanoil Pure Argan Oil, $50, Treatment, $47.